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Ideas for new characters for season 3?

posted by Kenny/Lee BANNED on - Viewed by 3K users

I think, we should have characters, who are older, 50 or 60+, be introduced.

We have Kenny, a man who's over 40 yrs old.
We have Mike, who's around 30-35.
We have Luke and Bonnie, somewhere in there mid 20's I'd say.
We have Clementine, who is now 11.
And we have a new born.

But what about introducing characters into the group who are over 50, or 60?
Ones who are seasoned veterans?
I think it would be a good thing.

Even though in TWD, people in that age group would be more rare, they would still be there.
And I think it would show respect to baby boomers in general.
Even though they are older, and no longer in their prime, doesn't mean they still don't matter, and that they still have something to contribute.
And that they are still capable of surviving, like anyone else.

I think, mainly as a gesture of respect to the older generation, that we should have older characters be introduced in season 3, as new members of the group.
Perhaps even having the new PC character be an older individual.

What are your ideas?

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