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Anyone see the new Doctor Who episode?

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I like Peter Capaldi, he's a nice change from the younger versions of the doctor, I'm glad it managed to balance the clock off over the top nonsense with dark and gritty. Sure it was creepy in a few places but it still managed to keep the charm. And bringing back the clockwork droid was awesome.

  • I liked it. It seemed alot more... random than usual, which was cool. xD I love how they explored Clara's character even more. Strax, Jenny and Vastra were cool in the episode too. :3

  • I really liked the new episode too. I'm very intrigued by the new Doctor. Do you guys think he pushed the guy off the ship or did the guy jump?

  • I thought it was pretty decent episode. The new title sequence seems kinda meh but whatever, I'm not watching it for the opening sequence. :D The new doctor seems okay, I bet I'll get used to him in time. And the cameo of Matt Smith was nice . :)

    I read some theories on the internet that the woman at the end could be The Master (Missy - Mistress - Master). It would be funny if that was true. :D But I guess it's someone entirely new.

  • Yeah I got to see it in theaters and I liked it a lot. I am really excited to learn who the woman at the end is in the next episodes. :)

  • With that new actor in my opinion, they've made a massive f***ing mistake.

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