If The Wolf Among Us was a movie/TV show, who would best suit the characters?

The title's pretty self explanatory. What actors should play these characters? You can base it off the comics or the game if you like. :)


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    Well apparently they are making a fables movie. :D

    Personally i would like Hugh jackman as Bigby and maybe Bradley Cooper as Jack.

    Megan Fox as snow white would be perfect I think

    Prince charming is supposed to be umm well charming maybe brad Pitt as Prince charming.Also how about Bryan Cranston as bluebeard maybe?

  • To be honest I wouldnt want anyone but people who could look and talk exactly like them, and thats...really specific. Ive seen stuff like this before and the actors people recommend and and its just "You're not that character, you look nothing like them" to me

    IRL people have never really been my cup of tea when it comes to retelling stories from mediums outside of acted film, they never look like they're from videogames/comics unless its extraordinary cosplayers that can look like they're from the source material, but movies/tv never really like to stick to the source material do they? Especially when its from comics/videogmes/books where its far removed from our reality. TWAU would work a bit better then say; ninja turtles has...but it still wont ever feel the same. At least for me. Too much stuff gets changed from the source for it to be the same thing.

    Id personally love an animated film, drawn animation not 3D. But that's just my preference, if someone can actually show up with a dude that looks exactly like Bigby Wolf I will be incredibly impressed.

  • Once again, I'm saying Stan Lee as Jersey.

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  • I don't think they should make it a live-action movie, with a lot more animators and artists they could keep the same art-style and make a movie/tv show

  • hugh jackman as bigby

  • Make it into an animated series. Now that would be fun to watch, as I eat Taco Bell and write my grad papers! :)

  • I know Hans is kind of a minor character, imo Dolph Lundgren would be a great Hans

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