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What Telltale made you think of Kenny and Luke

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I think there is gonna be a big choice with Kenny and Luke (Doesn't have to be Doug/Carley or Pizza or Icecream). Telltale with the first four episodes made you like/hate Luke and Kenny. Also, this does not cover your opinion. I'm just saying the majority and what Telltale tried to do it seems like.

Episode 1: You liked Luke. Him and Pete were the only two who liked you (well, maybe Alvin) and you had a conversation with him about your past.

Episode 2: You liked Kenny (He returned, duh).

Episode 3: You hated Luke. He wanted to leave people behind.

Episode 4: You hated Kenny. He yelled at you.

  • Telltale made me think that Kenny is an asshole and Luke is an asshole too.

    Both of them are assholes (in certain ways).

    But they got a soft spot.

  • it made me think that they are best friends.

  • People keep saying that there will be a choice but... Wouldn't that be too obvious and either way make whichever one you chose a determinant character? I just think telltale is going to just kill one and make you keep the other pretty much whichever one has had much support up to this point.

  • Luke never wanted to leave people behind...

  • Tell Tale made me think allot of stuff and thangs...

  • Luke

    Telltale made me think that Luke has a soft spot for Clem. He is her moral compass always edging her on to do the right thing. He is also trying to make it up to her for not believing her and locking her in the shed because he still feels guilty about it and is wanting to prove to Clem that he isn't a bad guy and is befriending her.


    Kenny is still the same old Kenny from season one to me.. Just about 10x more scarred and broken then he was before. He is the other side of the compass.. he cares about survival and doing whatever is necessary to achieve survival. He still cares for Clem and wanted to take her into his group when they reunited. But after Sarita he didn't know where his head was until he received his "Clem counselling" and the baby has given him a goal.

  • telltale made me hate luke the most in 4 episode. come on having sex is more important that duty? he risked all of our lives and later he has the courage to be an asshole and talk back when its obviously his fault

  • I'm sick of people being mad at Kenny for what he said
    to Clem. Of course he was pissed off! The guy went
    through the loss of his family, his friends at the lodge
    and his girlfriend. If you were in the same situation,
    wouldn't you be tired and furious of all this crap too?

    Hate Kenny for being reckless or hotheaded, it's
    your choice. But hating Kenny because he lost
    someone he loved and exploded of sadness and
    anger? That's freakin' stupid...

    • Yelling at a little girl for trying to save his girlfriend is "reckless."

    • I'll never stop being mad at him for putting Clem through that. He acts like his feelings are the only ones that count.

      • Put it this way: I can forgive Kenny for his recklessness, self-absorption and emotional abusiveness. He's not irredeemable at this point. But I have a suspicion that he is on the same path of darkness that Carver ended up on, and Episode 5 may be the breaking point. For me, he'd lose my sympathy if he:

        • Executes Arvo out of anger

        • Assaults Luke during an argument for 'incompetence'

        • Sacrifices Clem in favor of Rebecca's son

        I'd still understand him if he were to do those things, but if they were to happen then Clementine would be in the same situation that Sarita and Bonnie were in. The man I once knew is now gone.

  • I never hated either of them. I just saw that they each had both good and bad qualities.

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