which do you like better wolf among us or walking dead?

I apologize if there has been a topic like this before, but I thought it would be interesting to see everyones opinions. And I am asking it here because I feel the walking dead section is biased and most over there haven't played wolf. Where as over here most people have played both.:P

Anyways which do you like better and why if you don't mind. Don't be shy their are no wrong answers.



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    I think the Wolf Among Us is better, mainly for its uniqueness, charm, and wit.

    It's like my secret desire.

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  • TWAU. I played both games, but I like the characters, setting and the mystery more than then the ones in TWD and the survival theme.

  • Its a very 50/50 for me, they're both really great and they both tell their stories well, but for game quality id have to go walking dead, for setting/characters Id go TWAU.

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    I can't decide man...

  • A guilty pleasure means your embarassed to play it or you don't want people to know you play it.. :L

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    Whoops, you're right, I need to edit the comment quick!

  • TWDS1 > TWAU > TWDS2

  • Oh, but if it's a secret desire why are you telling us? That means it's not a secret anymore!

  • Can't really decide on which one I like more..

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    I think it just depends on which type of game interests you more, like do zombies interest you more? Or do you prefer games like The Wolf Among us, that aren't related around zombies. Personally, I like both, but if I had to pick, TWDG.

  • Lol Wolf fans are not into "fairy tales". They either like the noir 80's feeling of the game, or are just fan of the comics and wanting to check it out. Either way, its not a game for "fairy tale fans"

  • Wolf Among Us probably. I love the noir 80's feeling, the mystery aspect, and it introduced me to what is like one of the best comic series ever. I still love the Walking Dead, but they have started to lose me this season.

  • The Walking Dead.

    -waits for the hate-

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    Well sorry. I haven't played the game too much- I'm sorry... There wasn't a need to reply like that... Again, sorry.

  • Oh you son of a!!!! Just kidding it's your opinion, so I wont hate on it :P

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    Your profile picture....it's.... it's..... Godlike

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    No thanks I prefer Adam Harrington's godlike hair.


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    Really tough, but I think that TWD is better than TWAU a little. (51%-49%).

    I love both games, I love all Telltale Games.

  • As far as I'm concerned, these are two completely different games, and each of them do a fantastic job in their respective genre. The Walking Dead is a zombie apocalyptic drama, while The Wolf Among Us is a crime mystery game with the 80's neo-noir elements in it.

    It all comes down to what genre you like most. I personally like the latter, so Wolf wins in my opinion.

  • I think TWAU is better, atleast better than the 2nd season of TWD.

  • Definitely. I thought wolf was/is way better the walking dead season 2 and in my opinion I think just a little better than walking dead season 1.

  • It's hard to compare them, both are really awesome. I'm sure that if Telltale would have put as much work into TWAU as they put into TWD S1, TWAU would be wayyy better than both of them (you know, episode lengths, always changing storyline).

  • That is hard to say. TWAU is much more original and despite how much I love TWD it doesn't make me want to read the comics like TWAU did. On the other hand I am completely invested in TWD world and Clem in particalur so I'm kind of biased. I feel TWAU is more badass while TWD gives me more feels.

    Fuck I can't decide both are amazing!

  • most people wont admit it because they are too damn loyal to the game but TWD s2 has been lackluster, episodes 3 and 4 just killed the game for me ofcourse i would still play the finale but feeling is probably gone and i would think twice about buying season 3 or not

    OT: TWAU is better


  • I really can't choose between TWAU and TWD Season 1, they both are great games and gave me loads of emotions. But what I do know for certain is that I love TWAU way better than TWD S2.

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    I think it largely depends on what genre and setting one prefers since both games do amazing job in their respective fields.
    I personally prefer TWAU which can already be seen by the number of re-playthroughs I have done. There's just something about its setting, art design, characters, craziness, etc, I really really enjoy. TWD is more heavy and emotional experience which I certainly enjoy and appreciate but the general atmosphere of TWAU is more... me.
    When compared to TWD S2, I also prefer TWAU in regards of gameplay. There was more exploring to do (i.e. hubs), I really loved the detective work and the illusion of choice worked really well.

  • I have to say after thinking a bit more about it, It's TWAU for me, just because the comic book art style looks WAY better in TWAU's setting. Don't get me wrong TWD looks great too but it doesn't really add to the setting or the tone.

  • I played both of them and Of course TWAU is so much better and It's the best game that I have ever played because it has a very very great story and your choices change the game more than TWD and because of it's nice characters.

  • Bearing in mind ive never read a TWD/FABLES comic..

    I would have thought twau because of its detective tones, but (ive just finished twau) twau just didnt do it for me tbh....

    I didnt feel I could really get investigate because in this world of fables anything was possible, anyone could be glamed up, who am I talking to? Any suspect could have been anyone, plus the amount of times I chosen an option and the dialogue was totally different to what I expected was slightly anoying also...., im not kmocking TWAU simply because if I had knowledge of the general fable idea via the comics, I probably wouldnt have bothered with the game, its just not my thing tbh... BUT I will say I enjoyed the experience non the less..

    TWD S1 was masterpiece IMO, not such a fan of S2 I admit but I think TWD is far superior IMO, but again thats mainly due to my thoughts on the whole fable idea/setup... I never felt I got my head around the whole fables idea, it wasnt the place IMO to have a investigation when anything was possible, I couldnt really have ideas on the murders and invesrigate that route because in 2 mins I might come up that a fairy appeared and sprincled everyone in a special mixture of toenail dust and put a spell on everyone .. anything was possible, and that took a lot away from the investigation side of the game for me, I just went along for the ride and it was fun, but I couldn't get engaged with the characters due to this...

    Just my opinion of corse, not knocking twau.. it just wasnt down my ally tbh... was fun tho, still glad I played it

  • Actually, I am a fan of fairy tales, fables, and mythology; but the gameplay and story were what made me buy the full game.

  • I don't agree that liking zombies or whatever is the deciding factor, or even reading the comics ahead of time. The zombie-flooded market today means if you make a zombie game, it better be damn good in order to stand up to all the others. With only a handful of noir type detective games, there's a lot less prejudice going into that I think. And I think we've all seen some IP we love get dragged through the mud when they turned it into something else, like game into movie, vice-versa and the like.

    I haven't finished the second season of Walking Dead yet, I waited for all the episodes to release before starting it. I have finished Wolf Among Us however. It may be the desperate setting, but for me the Walking Dead constantly impacts my sanity and emotions. The first episode (S1E1) did a very poor job of highlighting the weight your decisions would hold. Choosing this person or that person to save isn't as emotional as it seems, but choosing who to feed is incredibly draining and extremely difficult.

    With Bigby, I generally felt more like I just wanna get this bastard and end the madness. Not that I didn't feel emotionally invested in the characters, but it seemed more realistic I guess? It was harder for me to sympathize with a lot of them, mostly from their hostility with Bigby, which in my mind was unjustified without knowing history. Where in Walking Dead, you can almost always sympathize with people trying to protect themselves, and being very guarded against strangers.

    In the end, Walking Dead took me on an intense, emotional trip that Wolf just couldn't match. But I can't always handle that either, and luckily Wolf is a bit more fast-paced, action oriented, and has a little less impact on my mental state.

  • I think that TftB is going to be great!

    But I honestly now, I really love both of them, they are 2(3?) of my favourite games of all time.

  • TWD S2 > TWAU > TWD S1.

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