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Ten of Swords Tarot Card

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I've noticed in one of the letsplays that Bigby takes the third card and put in the pocket. Why did he choose the third card? Does he use it in the future, apart of asking about it the Mirror?

The Ten of Swords is the most grim card in the deck, more destructive and reminiscent of death than the Death card itself. Again, the dark clouds depicted above the person signify despair and a terribly bleak situation. However, upon closer examination of the images in the card, any real death or destruction, like all things, may not be permanent. There is hope regardless of the situation: the golden sky in the distance suggests that this is the worst the querant's situation could possibly be, and that things will only improve.

In the card's reversed state, it symbolizes a troubling situation that will continue for a significant amount of time. The card suggests that the subject should not despair in difficult times, to avoid ruining future prospects for success.

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  • That tarot card got the same treatment the 400 days characters received.

  • Its not used as far as I can tell other then asking the mirror about it, since your inventory resets every episode anyway.

    There are the other tarot cards you can interact with later on too, I dont think Bigby takes any of them though.

    I know he comments on the card The Moon saying something like "This could mean a lot of things for me" or "this probably means something different for me" Something along those lines? I forget but I know it made me smile.

    • That's interesting, I've seen here threads with theories on how cards represent what's happening in the season.

      Anyway that's a pity they haven't been used really.

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