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Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures have commenced! Let's get playing!

posted by Jake Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 4.7K users

Woo it's finally started! We've just released the first episode of Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures, "Fright of the Bumblebees." Are you guys checking it out? What do you think so far?

We've got more at the W&G website, including Wallace & Gromit hints and walkthroughs for those who are stuck right out of the gate. (It's okay, we'll only mock you behind your back!)

Grand Adventures continues in May with episode two, "The Last Resort," followed by "Muzzled!" and "The Bogey Man." We'll have more about those guys in the near future. For now, enjoy!

Also, since we love deals, we have another one:
To celebrate the launch of the series, we're following up last week's crazy deal with an all new crazy deal. We're crazy, apparently! During launch week, the game bundle is marked down to $29.95 (usually $34.95), and when you buy W&G you can add as much other stuff from the store as you'd like into your cart, and it'll all be 50% off! This is a ridiculous deal, if you were curious.
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  • I just finished the game a short time ago and since Wallace and Gromit are one of my favs... this episode is up there with the Wrong Trousers and Matter of Loaf and Death as one of the best, this felt like a proper short film of the highest quality.

    Minor cons tho, The control scheme I haven't got use to but I will in time and it feels not right for Wallace's voice just a little... can you alter pitch so he sounds like Peter Sallis because I'm still ok with his back up, just need to get used to it.

    All in all.... 9/10
  • a quick question.. are the episodes all linked together into one big story (like sam and max) or are they all standalone adventures

    Oh and loving it so far... :)
  • Right, why can't I change the screen size on the graphics options. I've tried clicking on it and arrowing to it. I use a 1280*800 computer and I refuse to play a game where everything is too wide.
  • That's great and all, but what about all of us 360 owners? When is it coming to Arcade?
  • I've downloaded the game earlier today and finished it off already. If I had one complaint to make is that this game is quite short. I would have liked to spend a few more hours solving puzzles with those two.

    I was annoyed at first at the controls but they weren't that much of a pain. I'm guessing that the game being released for the 360 has something to do with that.

    There was one annoyance however. The cursor isn't locked in the game and I sometime clicked outside of it on my second monitor wich minimized the game. It was mostly a problem with the bee shooting where I was minimizing the game every 15 seconds. If that could be taken care of for future releases it would be fantastic.
  • Just cleared the episode. Really enjoyed it and I'm very impressed as well. You guys did a spot-on translation of the W&G universe, while still keeping your very distinctive touch.

    I decided to play it on my HDTV with my 360 gamepad. Graphics and animation were absolutely stunning for a game this small and this low on hardware requirements thanks to a pretty much flawless art direction.

    Only thing that bothered me at times is a few minor problems related to the control with the gamepad. Sometimes, selecting the right item to interact with can be a bit of a struggle, even with all the different ways available (stick, pad or buttons). It's not that bad, but I would also have appreciated if the item you just interacted with kept being selected after doing so (wasn't always the case apparently) to reduce the effects of this slight inconvenience. I hope you'll find a way to tune this whole thing a bit before the game hits Xbox Live Arcade, so casual users won't get instantly turned down by this when trying out the demo. Personally, I didn't care that much, especially since the inventory system is very well done.

    One last thing about gamepad controls. Since I'm playing far away from my PC (the TV is not even in sight and the wireless mouse is out of range), I was quite pleased to see that you could use the gamepad to navigate through all the menus. Well... all except for the saving system. I couldn't seem to be able to select anything in there and it would definitely be great if it's tweaked out for next episodes.

    That's all. Everything else was pure enjoyment. Once again, well done Telltale :)
  • are you cats testing this like SB and SM?

    its an awesome process all should do it..
  • Foudn the game great except for a possible bug.


    Whilst in Wallaces basement with th major present (suitcase open), i handed gromit his dog tags, which he promptly threw away. Unfortunatly they landed underneath a control panel which cannot be seen (Since its hidden behind the suitcase). After ages of agony i found an odd spot in the bottom left corner where you could see the dog tags and click on them, sending wallace after em.

    Did anybody else have this problem?
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