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Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures have commenced! Let's get playing!

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Woo it's finally started! We've just released the first episode of Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures, "Fright of the Bumblebees." Are you guys checking it out? What do you think so far?

We've got more at the W&G website, including Wallace & Gromit hints and walkthroughs for those who are stuck right out of the gate. (It's okay, we'll only mock you behind your back!)

Grand Adventures continues in May with episode two, "The Last Resort," followed by "Muzzled!" and "The Bogey Man." We'll have more about those guys in the near future. For now, enjoy!

Also, since we love deals, we have another one:
To celebrate the launch of the series, we're following up last week's crazy deal with an all new crazy deal. We're crazy, apparently! During launch week, the game bundle is marked down to $29.95 (usually $34.95), and when you buy W&G you can add as much other stuff from the store as you'd like into your cart, and it'll all be 50% off! This is a ridiculous deal, if you were curious.
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  • I have also completed the first episode after 3-4 hours playing (hints switched off), and overall I have enjoyed W&G a lot:
    • great story
    • great graphics
    • great voice actors
    • quite original riddles to solve
    • two different characters to control
    I subtract "1/2 thumb" though due to the keyboard control (see my posting in the related thread) and some technical issues which hopefully will soon be fixed.
  • It's over! Episode one, that is. I just finished it and I can't wait for more. I wouldn't say it was longer than anything from Sam & Max Season 2, plus it was easier, so I am slightly disappointed there - we'll see how the next three episodes pan out. It's obviously going to progress in a similar way to SBCG4AP, with rooms being unlocked as the series goes on (living room, Paneer's shop) so we'll see how previous locations hold up then. I didn't particularly notice the lack of user dialogue selection, although it was annoying having to keep click the character until they ran out of unique things to say. Finally, I appreciate how well you've stuck to the source material, especially the driver's seat being on the right! :D
  • Pros
    • Looks great.
    • Sounds great (bravo, both music and cast!).
    • Controls are OK.
    • Visual style (in many ways: camera movements, acting, details) and dialogue really create that W&G feeling (in its deep, cinematic side).
    • I loved a couple of puzzles (
      shooting porridge and making a metal rat cry above all
    • Wallace is hilarious.

    • Apart from the Sniffer 3000 subplot, story wasn't that much of a thrill.
    • It has some big bugs (but I fear they may be more of a design problem) in the part with Gromit:
      I pulled the bed lever in the kitchen before going upstairs, and I found the sheets snoring; I went to the city centre before I got rid of the bees in the garden, and had Wallace dropping the answering machine and messing with the frying pan after I had picked them up
    • It's not, in any way, beefier than S&M or SBCG4AP: that's been a big disappointment. I believe that completing it took me less time than finishing any other Telltale game to date (Mob, Mole & Meatball and Moai Better Blues had some hard puzzles on their side). Too easy and too short: I know it's an old complaint, but I think it fits the situation.
  • This is definetly up there with Sam & Max, i will perhaps even say i bit above it, never before have i had anything to do with Wallace and Gromit, so these characters are new to me.

    But the whole concept especially with the contraptions. i must say i love it. and hope we will see alot more like this.

    I just wish the in the garden some of the big flowers were left, so the scenery like in sam & max changes over time, in episodic content, imo it feels good to have just alittle change on the enviroments.

    Missing alittle longer episodes, alittle more stuff to click on :) and ofc more areas to explore, i hope some more of the house and town opens up.

    I used 3.3hours according to steam. but hey LONGER IS BETTER SO MAKE LOOOOONGER! :)

    There does indeed seem to be some flaws or problems, if you are a clicker person from Sam & max, alot of people here seems to have done stuff differently or not at all very wierd xD
  • Dear TellTaleGames

    Is Wallace and Gromit's Grand Adventures on WiiWare and when will it be released.


  • W&G156 wrote: »
    Dear TellTaleGames

    Is Wallace and Gromit's Grand Adventures on WiiWare and when will it be released.



    I'm not Telltale Games, but I can tell you that no, it isn't. PC and XBLA only.
  • Derwin wrote: »
    Did you get the email yet? If you ordered the game through TTG, you should have gotten a 50% off code as well. Woohoo!

    Was the download link supposed to arrive through e-mail? As I figured out how to download the 1st episode through my account, I never recieved an e-mail about when it was released.
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