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Fuck Jane!

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( This is a hate thread of Jane so post any hate memes about her :P)

Anyway, but can you believe this bitch?! She steals the baby, puts him in a fucking car out in the cold where there could be walkers, She deliberately starts a fight with Kenny which she also deliberately wanted Clementine to kill him not to mention in that fight... She fucked his eye up more. Who is this bitch? Hell I bet Negan would piss himself over this c**t she is fucking scary and even though Kenny was kinda nuts he had good experience with babies!
In the end I let Kenny kill her and I'm with Kenny still because I left Wellington but I saw the stats and it said 48.5% of people killed Kenny. Jesus people.
I wonder how Luke fell for her, BTW R.I.P Luke but she was cold as an ICE CUBE, A VANILLA ICE CUBE. (rimshot) Oh did I even mention how she wanted to leave Sarah? Yeah that's really nice considering you wanted to survive so you were going to leave a 14 year old girl who's just lost her father to DIE?! FUCK YOU, FUCK,YOU,FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU! Hell, she left her sister to die... Well to be fair she couldn't do anything about that since her sister became suicidal over getting pushed too hard, oh wait I forgot to mention that too... She pushed her sister too hard to keep moving! Did they even have a secure place? But I hate her soooo much after this episode that... Sigh I like Nate better there I said it! Shit, I LIKE BLOODY MARY MORE! I think she is some role model for Clementine, Leaving friends behind, Having sex with Luke, Putting the baby in danger and deliberately starting fights...
Yeah, I want My Clementine to be around her (Sarcasm) What? No fuck that! If anybody killed Kenny over this psycho in real life my reaction would be
"Jesus are you fuckin' kidding me?!) Oh I forgot to mention, SHE INSULTS KENNY'S dead family and his eye. How would you like it if some chick decided to go off on you about your messed up eye and family? In the end she deserved to die... Hell now that I see this. I'd rather have a Kenny/Luke choice. If I were to give her character a rating it would be... Er? Russell?
By the way, R.I.H Jane ( Rest in Hell.)

  • Ah shit, it says tales from borderlands!

  • She didn't intend for Kenny to die. What she did was wrong, but Kenny didn't have to fucking try to kill her.

    • Still though, this is why we needed Luke!

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      badassm BANNED

      He thought she killed the fucking baby, he had every fucking right to kill that bitch.

      • EXACTLY. Thought. No evidence. Jane kept saying it was an accident. He had NO right to attack her. Jane did what she hoped for, to show Clem what a monster Kenny is when he gets into a rage. If there's no one else around, it will be Clementine he attacks next time.

        • Thats a terrible plan though. It's like me robbing some man and calling him a monster when he punches me in the face in retaliation.

        • No evidence? You mean her own words in the game weren't evidence in how the saw the baby as a liability? How she only had the baby for a few minutes, and it was gone?

        • Seriously?? He had all the right to attack her, she left the group before and showed she didn't care for anyone. She did come back, I was happy about that but she wanted to make Kenny mad and snap....she wanted Clem to take the place of her sister and she was willing to sacrifice Kenny to get it by acting like a fucking fool!!

          When she said to Clem, "don't get in the middle", I knew something was up...but I was still hesitant to take sides. I tried to stop it but when it got deadly I let Kenny kill her. Just as everyone hated Kenny when he hated the teenage kid from season one (I cannot remember his name ATM) he eventually stood with him in the alley to protect him. Kenny may be an asshole, but he will protect children and the weak as long as they are not backstabbers.

          I never loved Kenny as much as I do now, he has pulled me to his side and I will stand by him unless he flips and goes pyscho. To you pure Kenny amaze me. As much of a pain in the ass he can be, Kenny IS a good guy as is noticed upon reaching Wellington and trying to give Clem and AJ to the town to protect them.....I almost left to go, but in the end I couldn't watch Kenny lose anything else, it would have been the death of him.

          • You call me a pure Kenny hater for having an opinion. I can switch that around and say, You amaze me for supporting Kenny.

            How does leaving show she doesn't care for anyone? If she came back that obviously proves that wrong. I shot Kenny and I don't regret it. He deserved it. You also act like she PLANNED for Kenny to die. That wasn't her intention. HE made the fight deadly. Infact, HE started the fight in the first place.

            "She wanted Clem to take the place of her sister". You mean how Kenny wants Clem to be his new Duck? Wiling to sacrifice Kenny? No. Her intentions were to show Clem what Kenny was capable of and she succeeded.

            Also, your point about Ben going in the alley to save him, so what? He redeemed himself. That doesn't exactly mean he's a good person, it just means he's a man that's capable of doing good things. I praise him for what he did in the alley, but that doesn't make him much better in my book.

            • You must be a Kenny don't seem to realize (or you don't care) that Jane was willing to leave him out in the snow before the shooting happened, You also conveniently forget that Jane also left the baby in freezing weather in a car, alone, around walkers. THEN she came back trying to start a fight with Kenny to prove a point....Jane was an idiot, period. She was always looking out for herself above all.

              Kenny, although easily angered and rough around the edges, always takes care of those with him, especially kids. Sure he has some bad days...who the hell wouldn't in a world like that?? However I will not argue with you, you apparently never seen people under duress and how they change....but Jane, yeah she is a saint....trying to manipulate Clem......what a clown, I am glad she is gone.

              • Both were crazy. I killed Kenny and I was a big fan of his. I sat with him at ep2. Agreed with him nearly all the time. But I couldn't let him kill Jane. She said it was an accident. He had no proof. I thought maybe Jane could of let the baby die, But then I thought, She might not be a fan of the baby, But i don't think she would go that far. I left Jane after her lies. My Clem may just be with the baby, But at least she is without Kenny's or Jane's or Bonnie's or Mike's.

                • I've always wondered this. HOW THE FUCK DO YOU ACCIDENTALLY KILL A BABY?!? If he froze then she could of at least brought the body, but when she didn't bring him at all it seems like she "accidentally" threw him to a crowd of walkers to get away safely. And the whole "I didn't mean for it to go this far." bullshit. How fucking far did she think it was going to go? She pulled out her knife at first, and at any point she could of stopped and said "Kenny I J.K. bro, BB in dat car over dere." Kenny:"O Sheit u got meh Jane."

              • I'm not a Kenny hater. There's a difference between hating his character and disliking him. Guess what, I don't like Jane either. They're both unsafe for Clem to be around. You say I don't understand how people change under duress, but I guess that only applies to Kenny for you, doesn't it? Jane isn't allowed to change, because she isn't Kenny your lord and savior. They're both nuts and Clementine shouldn't be with either of them. Kenny doesn't always takes care of those with him. When he gets angry or upset he goes nuts and goes on a fucking rampage, or acts like a 5 year old and shuts everyone out, regardless of whether or not they're trying to help him. He's selfish and unreliable. Jane is selfish and unreliable.

    • But she didn't need to push Kenny beyond his breaking point.

    • she said it was an accident, Kenny didn't listen. he never does

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      Dubz13 BANNED

      Kenny was all don't give me that crap....jane clearly tried pushing his buttons...talking shit about his dead family and girlfriend...jane had no class and deserved what she got.

      • self defense? do you know what that means? because throwing the first punch doesn't mean self defense. you act like jane is the only one who insulted the other. kenny told her no one liked her and such, kenny deserved to be shot. he's too dangerous.

        • You will notice that she provoked Kenny into that fight, and that she escalated things by pulling out a weapon. Kenny was unarmed. She planned on him attacking her, and then killing him.

          • She pulled a weapon to protect herself, to which Kenny decided to be an idiot and run at her with a punch. Notice how when she puts her weapon away, Kenny charges at her despite her obviously trying to stop the fight? And no, she wasn't provoking him, she was backing away, and when Clem tried to calm him down he shoves her out of the way.

          • Dude, she pulled the weapon and then put it away. It wasn't self defense, AT ALL. Argue it's justifiable if you want, but it was absolutely not self defense.

      • She was about to say something. Probably sorry during the car scene. "kenny I'm..." .

        inb4 but she didn't

    • That was her plan. She hid the baby to piss him off. She knew he would blame her. He attacked her. Then she pulled a knife. She wanted to kill him, but be able to convince Clementine she had not choice.

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      CrazyGeorge BANNED

      She didn't intend for Kenny to die. What she did was wrong, but Kenny didn't have to fucking try to kill her

      She brought the knife to the knife fight. Kenny killed her with her own knife.

  • Easy on there buddy

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    SaltLick305 BANNED

    I don't think she had evil intentions, but her plan was stupid to the point of me thinking she was actually Ben using a mask. Really? You cause all this shit just to prove a point?

    Psycho or not, how would you react to someone killing a baby? Plus, even if Kenny was crazy, how is it smart to piss him off like that? I thought Jane was smarter than this. It ended up costing her life in my playthrough.

    • My god, she's... BENMAN!

    • I think she really wanted Clem to herself, and engineered a situation where it'd be okay for her to murder Kenny. What kind of sociopath pretends to have murdered a baby?

      • Even Negan wouldn't do such a thing.

        Negan: Really, Buddy?

        Nate, Nate... I meant Nate.

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        SaltLick305 BANNED

        In that case she would be the psychopath here, right?

        Or maybe they both are. However, I can't help but think Jane was in the wrong here.

      • Yeah. From the moment that she said to Clem "Stay out of it. You need to trust me" I knew that baby was alive and she's just provoking Kenny. And it was a sick thing to do.

      • She's not a sociopath.

      • a kind of sociopath that truly cares for the safety of a young girl and a baby boy. so no sociopath at all.
        come on. she gave up her good chances of survival, and confronted her fear to loose someone for you ungrateful girl.
        sociopath is one of this undefinable terms. but lets use it anyway.

        she is quiet the opposite of a sociopath.
        if she where a sociopath she would have actually left the child to die.

        if you want to call someone a sociopath. call it kenny. no inhibitions when it comes to reaching that one goal he set himself. that obsessive self confidence. the willingness to do the most terrible things if he thinks he is right. that deserves a word like sociopath.
        do not fool yourself wellington, clem, ... the most important goal he set himself is the child.
        if clementine ever seemed a treat to his current obsession ...

    • I didn't get the impression that she pretended to kill the baby. She walked in empty handed, and I don't think she said she killed him, or maybe I'm deaf. She was in a car accident and in a blizzard full of walkers, so I figured he just didn't make it. I basically sided with Kenny throughout the entire series, but at the point of him attempting to murder a friend over something she couldn't control, that was basically it for me. I ended up shooting Kenny. Once it was confirmed that the baby was still alive I still didn't regret my decision.

  • "You're probably 90% of the reason I came back" - Jane to Clementine

    "All I can do is ... promise you I won't abandon you again" - Jane to Clementine

  • I was pissed at Jane for it too but sooner or later Kenny was going to crack, even if she did not do what she did. She thought about the future and the here and now. I should have left her too, but being alone right now for Clem is not good.

    Honestly its heartbreaking about both Jane[leave her or let her die] and Kenny[die or leave] fates

  • Indeed, I can't believe Jane made me shoot Kenny just to prove a point T.T

  • The worst part is when you leave her Jane says:"I did this for you Clem!"

    Yeah, okay...thanks for pissing off an old man and lying about how you had to kill a baby...

  • Only Luke can do that, OP

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