A bit late to the party, but, I finally played the whole season...

...and it was fucking awesome! I believe its actually better than TWD Season 2. I was just glued to the screen the whole way through. Ya done a masterful job, Telltale!


  • Hello new brethren it's good to have another...wolf among us. :P

  • Glad to see you liked it and had as much fun as we did!

    The more people that play this game, the better:).

  • Welcome to our paradise of pain and pleasure, please, enjoy your stay.

  • Welcome to our Fabletown! :)

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    Im just about to play it, I come from TWD and have heard some damn good stuff about TWAU, so today while I downloaded ep5 of of TWD I brought TWAU also, so im not quite sure what to expect, al I know is love well writen stories and TT always do a awsome job (best in the business? ) also I like murder mystery solving so I should be good here I hope...

    So dont u guys get running off and leaving the forums just yet, I need people to discuss my feelings with lol

  • I had a hell of a lot more appreciation for the game when I played all the episodes together, connecting the pieces and the dialogue made it awesome. It really is a great game. It deserves more love.

  • You're never too late to play this game. The community here is waiting for a season two.

  • I'm glad to see that a lot of the new Telltale fans opened their mind for Wolf Among Us whereas they were initially skeptical of it.

    I hope to see the same thing happen for Tales from the Borderlands and Game of Thrones.

  • Agreed. I'd love to see a DLC episode for Wolf Among Us, kind of like how Walking Dead: Season 1 got 400 Days.

  • I think Telltale really needs to do that. They can answer all the lingering questions and satisfy the demand for more Wolf at the same time.

  • I played twd S1 with all the episodes in one go and it was awsome so I know where ya coming from, but when S2 of TWAU gets released are you able to hold out until all 5 are released? Thats the question isnt it lol, im not strong enough lol

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    Ive heard lots of good things about TWAU so thought I would give it a shot on the back of the quality of TWD, im in S2 of TWD wasn't as good as S1 camp (still to play S2 ep5) but it was still quality, not many companies can pull that off, TWAU is getting raving reviews and people are crying for a 2nd series so its gota be on par with TWD or im hoping it is..

    Ill try out borderlands and GOT, dont know anything about them atm so ill have to do a bit of digging about...

  • If you do digging for game of thrones beware of spoilers lol.

  • Thx for the warning, so that means its heavily story oriented then like twd, twau? Sounds good

  • That's correct. It actually is the biggest project that Telltale will tackle as of right now(story wise). The GoT story spawns over hundreds of years....that should give you an idea.

  • I'm not really able to hold out either I just replayed all the episodes of TWAU while I was waiting for episode 5 to release. And I just had a better opinion of episode 2 and 4 which I didn't like initially probably because of the waiting period and I tend to forget what happens. But I realized that all the episodes stack up to an incredible season at the end though, really great job from telltale.

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    I would like DLC with some trouble in the farm that Bigby has to fix. It'll be incredibly action packed and can also be short while also showing us some of the more bizarre fables as well. And we can also bump into Toad Jr. and Colin (if he was sent back) and our decisions from S1 could end up mattering when it came to dealing with them. Fingers crossed for this.

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