TWDS2 ending VS TWAU ending

Cry Wolf was great and I really enjoyed it, but I found it a little bit "poor" compared to The Walking Dead Season 2 ending.
I mean, CW was about 1 hour and 30 minutes, right? No Going Back took me more than 2 hours to finish it, there are about 5 endings and more important choices that actually change big parts of the episode.
So, what do you think? I'm not complaining, I actually like TWAU a little bit more than TWDS2, I just wanted to share my thoughts.


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    Yeah seems like telltalegames put more effort in the walking dead finale than they did for the wolf finale. My opinion TWAU>>>TWDS2. As for the finale ehh I'm kind of split on that :P

  • They really put more work into TWD final, at it was quite amazing. Depressing, in some parts dissapointing, but nonetheless, quite amazing. TWAU final was cut and it was a bit poor compared to this. It's a shame, really.

  • It would of been neat for your investigation to determine the outcome of the game, like who you arrest and how you bring them back and all that.

    But considering that it has to be before the comics, they couldn't really leave loose ends. like Crane HAD to go to Paris because he's there in the comics, Snow HAD to not be interested in Bigby because she isnt at the beginning of the comics. There is no Crooked man controlling Fabletown's underworld, Toad is on the farm (or at least was implied to be?) so there isn't really any wiggle room for outcomes unless everything does get taken care of a certain way eventually. Which is a damn shame.

  • I don't think it's fair to compare the two. TWAU is constrained in large part by having so many canon characters and leading into the comics. They can't quite have the same 'shake up' as TWD can. The virtue of the apocalypse is that they can pretty much do what they like, at least in a local area.

    Whilst TWDS2's ending was definitely more emotional I felt TWAU's fit right for the game it was.

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    There completely different games it's not fair to compare the endings.

  • To go off this I do want to day I totally think telltale could of done more, the investigation still could of been rewarding and fulfilling, and I'm kinda sad the items you got and the evidence you collect don't really mean anything since you can miss things and it doesn't impact the end.

    What would of been really neat is if the crooked man was actually able to talk himself free in the end if you weren't able to get certain things or listen to Georgie's confession and all that. Hell I'd really love an ending where Georgie lives and you get to arrest him. Your choices don't effect anything besides who ends up dead, like Lawrence. What good does having him at the trial do? He just gets upset and it isnt like he gives a "decisive testimony" which turns the tide of the trial. Hes just sorta there.

    There are a lot of things that could of happened to make the ending more interesting, like there being a faux ending where all your choices have weight before the real one that's more scripted. As it stands the last episode is just like a long cut-scene for me. Everything still happens the same, even if you make different choices. Like landing on the Crooked man's car instead of Georgie's, you just miss Vivian taking her life, you still get the entire story from Georgie though, and no one accuses Bigby of hurting her. They all just take his word for it.

    Which is another big problem I have with the ending, everyone just takes Bigby's word for it even though there's some distrust everyone still chooses him to decide the Crooked man's fate, and you get all the same choices no matter what. Gren doesn't absolutely hate you for ripping his arm off, The Woodsmen doesn't care if you arrested him or not later on he still helps you with Jersey.

    I have to say I do love the game but It's all a story that you just have to watch happen, the only puzzle in the game was the glamor tube one, and even then that wasn't a challenge. The murder mystery itself didn't give you any hints that point towards Georgie, its just revealed hes the killer with the crooked man giving the orders. There's nothing to piece together, just a story that's shown to you.

    But its a good story none the less

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    It would of been neat for your investigation to determine the outcome of the game, like who you arrest and how you bring them back

  • Its not fair to compare the endings since they are different games with different tones and cater to a different genre. I feel both endings were strong.

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    CW was about 1 hour and 30 minutes, right?

    Something like that if you wait for the timer to almost run out on every dialogue choice, and you bring the Crooked Man back alive. I also saw a scene when Bigby was supposed to roam around the business one more time and talk with the magic mirror, but for some reason that scene didn't make it into the game.

    there are about 5 endings and more important choices that actually change big parts of the episode

    That is true. Still, let's not forget that, unlike TWD, Telltale has to follow a very strict cannon with the Fables comics( @Maximum124 explains it in his post above), thus making the process a little bit harder to achieve the result you want. However, both endings were extremely good for both series, even TWAU. That ending is exactly the way most neo-noir films end.

    The only thing that I can say about Telltale putting more effort in TWD, rather than TWAU is the fact that TWD has been consistent in regards to length(90 minutes), while in TWAU case....the length of the episodes declined after episode two. Granted, the quality of the episode isn't determined by the length.

    One more thing. I'm actually glad TWD can have five different endings. In my opinion it goes to show that Telltale are slowly making progress in perfecting their choice/consequence style of play. I don't know about you, but this leaves me very hopeful in regards to their new games. I'm actually gonna say it now: The day that Telltale actually manages to make their choices matter in the long run, and have diverging paths in their the day they take over the world.

  • TWAU certainly had a "Happily ever after" ending with a bit of mystery to it.In TWDS2 almost everyone you meet dies or goes missing. Depends on what you like but you can't compare these games since they are set in different universes, only things they have in common is the gameplay and the unrealistic nature of their stories.

  • TWD Ending > TWD S2 Ending > TWAU Ending

  • S2 :( God damn I cant get over that part with Kenny!

  • As many have already mentioned, The Wolf Among Us have to follow a strict narrative that canons with the comics. It restricts Telltale and give them few options regarding how to end the story.

    But I still love both endings and TWAU's ending really was a good twist and it fits.

  • i agree twds2 ending was WAY better than twau's ending. as much as i loved twau just twds2 ending had more emotion in it and made u wonder what if more than twau ending. like i said in the other forum and emotion rollercoster

  • TT never really put 100% in any of the wolf's episodes except faith (yes 3 an 5 were quite good but they were short and felt rushed) and i liked how they played their cards with TWD s2, the season wasnt that good but the finale was superb.

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