• Exactly, good topic, Bonnie and Mike aren´t bad for trying to leave, they were reasonably afraid Kenny, who was becoming another Carver, just like Jane mentioned( if you watched him kill Carver and yell at him to stop when he is beating Arvo, Kenny says something like: "What, you are not into this kind of thing anymore?" I found this really creepy ). I believe Bonnie and Mike care for Clementine and never meant to screw her, but telling her about the plan was risky considering they were not sure if Clem´s loyalty to Kenny would be greater, and when Clem got shot they had to leave ASAP since Kenny was coming to certainly kill them.

    Arvo though, was a total douchebag and i would never forgive him. I understand that irrational reaction to find someone to blame when a loved one dies, similar to the one that Kenny had, but shooting a little girl is really too far. Even when Kenny irrationaly lashed out on Clem, and knowing the loose cannon that Kenny is, he never came to hurt her physically. I know Kenny has a stronger bond with Clem than Arvo has with Clem that probably retracted Kenny´s reaction, but still it´s hard to think about it.

    • They were going to take all of the supplies and the truck. That's probably the most abhorrent thing anyone could have done in that situation. It's unforgivable imo.

      • Yeah. Taking all of the supplies and the truck is right up there with Arvo shooting Clementine (Unprovoked in some choices, apparently.) as far as shitty unforgivable decisions go.

        The three of them leaving out of fear of what Kenny may do to them is justified, screwing over the rest of the group while doing this is definitely not, I agree. And since I really can't come up with any other viable reason for Arvo to shoot Clem at this point, I have to go with it being some sort of revenge for his sister, and doing that to someone who was just trying to save her companion from getting bitten regardless of if that walker was your family member or not is fucked up, if that was Arvo's intention.

        I am saying this in the event of Clementine not doing anything to provoke them, but even when she is yelling to Kenny and Jane for help I still find his shooting of her disproportionate retribution. (Gotta go back and watch alternate dialogue choices of this scene...) If Arvo really wanted to kill her, I'd think he'd have gone for her head...he may have also shot her in the same place that his sister got shot in (not sure is this is accurate.) so that is also...interesting.

        It would be completely unrealistic for Clementine to ever forgive what they did to her, but I still want to see what happens to the three of them. I find Bonnie and Mike more interesting now because I never would have expected either of them to do something like this but then I look back on it and go, 'yeah it sorta does make sense, even though this change of character probably was the result of writers with differing ideas and a need to get the extra characters out of the main plot in order to set up the final pizza vs ice cream deal' I was disappointed with how little we got to interact with Arvo but he survived the damn episode and could possibly be in season three.

        If Telltale didn't want to do anything else with these characters, they likely would have found ways to kill them off and they didn't so that means we may see them again. I hope so. I have a strange inability to hate Arvo. He's screwed things up so many times for Clem's group and yet I just never hate him I don't know what the deal is.

    • I wouldn't care if they just left us . But they took 2 FUCKIN' BAGS OF SUPPLIES WITH ARVO . Bonnie is determinant now but if I see Mikey or Arvo in season 3...i'll be like "BYE FELICIA !"

  • I don't care that they wanted to leave. It was a reasonable decision because Kenny was crazy and the group was fracturing. It was still very shitty of them to take all of the supplies and the truck because it could have doomed Clementine and especially AJ and they were well aware of that.

  • Kenny was dangerous and In my playthrough when I asked to leave and handed over the gun, Mike and Bonnie wanted me to come too. Till Arvo fucked up.

    Also it makes perfect sense that they would run away after Clem got shot. Kenny had a vendetta against Arvo (and even if Mike and Bonnie would have explained themselves, just the fact that they were stealing the truck would have caused Kenny to shoot them) and Jane would have slit their throats for shooting clementine since she is unhinged herself and eerily possessive.
    So when Bonnie shouted she cant leave me, Mike literally meant "We have no other choice we gotta go". I'm glad they escaped, I wouldnt wan't them near Jane OR Kenny. It's just sad they have to deal with murderous Russian Harry Potter.

  • Very good post. I still like Bonnie and Mike.

    Arvo reminds me of Lily actually. Being in a bad place after the loss of a loved one and shooting someone. I completely understand his reasons for being upset but it doesn't make what he did right. His sister was a walker, Clem was not and she'd stuck up for him against Kenny (saying it's not his fault etc.) in my playthrough. I never trusted Arvo for a second but I definitely felt sympathetic for him. He definitely didn't deserve the beatings he got. He actually seemed like he was the Ben of the Russians actually.

    Mike and Bonnie however, I still like them and although I am disappointed they left us, I completely understand why they did it, for all the reasons you've mentioned already. I just wish Arvo ran off on his own and that Bonnie and Mike took Clem if you asked to go with them because honestly, whilst I liked the group we had left I was all for going with Luke, Bonnie and Mike. Then Luke died and Bonnie and Mike disappeared when Clem blacked out after being shot. =/

  • My issue isn't with either Mike or Bonnie. It's assho- excuse me - it's Arvo I've got issues with for shooting Clementine. WTF dude?

  • I wasn't upset that they wanted to go their separate ways with Arvo. They had good reason to, with not trusting Kenny and thinking they were in danger while he was around. That was their decision and I respect that.

    What I had a problem with is that they planned to leave us with absolutely no supplies and no vehicle. These are three capable people leaving a wounded eleven year old, an unstable and eye-less Kenny, and a newborn behind with nothing to survive on. They went through so much trouble to help Rebecca give birth AJ and they leave him there to potentially die/starve. Mike just wanted to abandon me after Arvo shot him, and I was nothing but nice to him.

  • lets just say if Arvo comes across Clem in S3 and I have the chance to finish him off, I will.

  • Clementine got shot thanks to Mike's actions, even if it was for humanity, it wronged Clementine.

    • Mike's intentions were good though, If you asked to be taken with him, he wanted to (and Bonnie as well if you tried to save Luke).

      Arvo shooting Clem was Neither Bonnie or Mike's intentions.

      • Yeah, stealing all the supplies they had was such a good intention.

        • Kenny and Jane would have done much worse, so it's all for nothing in the game of survival. Jane would have easily abandoned them with nothing, and Kenny would beat them, kill them and execute them so...? (Kenny also threatened to leave without them first)

          Also more blame is to be had for Arvo who didn't want Clem to come with them (probably convinced mike to do so) in the first place and definitely MADE that happen.

  • If you choose not to break the ice when Bonnie and Luke were in water , she could die . So Bonnie is determinant now :) Welcome to mute characters family Bon Bon .

  • Yeah, I get why they were leaving, but stealing all the supplies and leaving everyone else to die was really wrong. And also, could anyone explain to me how could Mike and Bonnie trust Arvo that much that they gave him a gun. Like really, what the hell.

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