• Kenny might be crazy but he lost his son, two important women (wives) in his life. He thought he lost the baby also. He just lost it. But at the end he was sacrificing himself for Clem and the baby because he KNOWS that he is not mentally perfect. He left them to a safe place since the world is not suitable for kids no more. Kenny IS crazy but when its sacrifice and protection he is the only guy i would trust after Lee.

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      Anyone in his position and what he had endured would've dropped all logic, but he kept it together for Clementine and AJ, I won't be surprised if he shot himself after walking away in my ending, since he can die peacefully now.

  • Kenny really is the messiah of The Walking Dead universe. I had my doubts from Episode 4, but now? No. Kenny is just a Lee with a short temper in my eyes.

  • Oh he is crazy. Rick Grimes crazy. But leaving him outside Wellington is a satisfying conclusion to his story. He leaves knowing that for once he protected the people he cared about without them dying on him. And its fitting that someone from Season 1 lead Clem to safety.

    • Exactly. He finally has no weights on him.

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      I agree, but he isn't crazy, there's a difference. He has problems, but he's not insane.

      "You know what's the definition of insanity? Repeating the same fucking thing over and over and over again, expecting it to fucking change!"

      Vaas from Far Cry 3 said that, and he's right, Kenny isn't insane because he acknowledges his "insanity", he has problem sure, but who doesn't? With everything he went through, is it really unnatural for a man to lose it?

      He didn't expect things to change, he knew he has made and will make mistakes, and he did the right thing, so even though he is off, and does have mental problems, he's not what you'd call "insane", he's more in a purgatory state of mind, he doesn't know what to do with himself, but he looks at his actions from a side view, and acts accordingly - with the master goal of getting Clem and AJ to a safe place, and he did.

      I'm proud, to say the least.

      • I agree with everything you said, Kenny definitely looked insanity in the eyes, and he didn't back down. I cried like a baby, and I left with Kenny, and I regret close to nothing. I am glad I did not choose Jane. Kenny will become Rick 2.0, calling it. I love how they are building Clem plus Kenny father and daughter relationship sorta thing. I love the endings, in my opinion they were both sadder and better than 105. Bring the hate. #VivaLaMoustache

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          Yeah, only problem with going with Kenny is that he can still hurt Clem by mistake in one of his uncontrollable outbursts, and I still doubt (he is also) that he can keep them alive and safe, that's why I went into Wellington, for Kenny, because that's what he wants.

          • I believe that AJ and Clem will change him back. I mean, they specifically said that they should check back in a few months, it's pretty much foreshadowing. God, this episode was so stressful, the choices, Luke, Bike, (FUCK THEM.) But it was beautiful. I just couldn't bring myself to leave Kenny.

          • I believe that AJ and Clem will change him back. I mean, they specifically said that they should check back in a few months, it's pretty much foreshadowing. God, this episode was so stressful, the choices, Luke, Bike, (FUCK THEM.) But it was beautiful. I just couldn't bring myself to leave Kenny.

        • I stayed at Wellington, believing it would give Kenny a chance to feel redeemed. Guy has been through enough, and he should find peace knowing that he got Clem and AJ to safety.

          • Well, let's keep in mind we still don't know what kind of community Wellington really is. The moment those doors closed behind Clem and AJ, they could have been faced with a Nazi-style death camp.

            Yeah, yeah, I know. Getting a little too pessimistic there. But the point is, NO path is ultimately 100% "safe".

      • I honestly kinda doubted kenny until the last scene at wellington. His speech just really got me and convinced me that I did the right thing by staying on his side. He completely redeemed himself and i was happy and sad at the same time to say goodbye.

    • He may not be crazy but he isn't fully sane either. The Man was abusive and his temper was uncontrollable. Arvo was a little crap but Kenny beating him up didn't help at all.
      He redeemed himself in the end but Clementine shouldn't be around him because he was incredibly violent and overrided her decisions.

    • It's not something I think many people will like but I think after the leaving Kenny outside of Wellington ending he probably just went off, sat down and waited to die. Because really, he's protected the last two things in the world that mean something to him and then he probably felt at peace with dying and seeing his family again.... Then again I'm probably completely wrong and he'll be in season 3 or something

      • Kenny would never out and out commit suicide I think. He gets increasingly reckless and tries to throw himself into situations that would get him killed. But I don't think he's going to sit down and eat a bullet.

        • See your point. Can't imagine him latching on to another group though but he also doesn't seem the type of guy to want to try and make it alone... I don't know it's just, when I shot him during the fight with Jane and he died... He honestly looked the happiest I've seen him since Hershall's farm.

      • They said you could check back in in a few months to see how things are going. I figured he'd want to do that, maybe even just see if he can also come inside every now and then to see how Clem's doing (if they allow a 'family visit' sort of thing).

    • Yeah, in terms of favorite endings, mine will always be the one where Clem stays behind in Wellington. Clem and AJ are finally safe (as far as we know), while Kenny walks over to the horizon to an unknown future.

  • Can't believe i just cried like a baby...

    I almost shot Kenny, i'm glad i didn't. Never thought i would like someone on this game as much as i liked Lee.

    I'm glad i trusted him. Until the end.


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      I agree, him and Lee are at the same level imo, they're both great men.

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          That's your opinion, 17 people disagree.

          You don't have to be rude.

          • Just saying, Lee and Kenny? Comparable guardians? Not in a million years.

            I don't recall Lee calling Clem a "STUPID FUCKEN KID!" Or was that a part I missed?

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              AWESOMEO BANNED

              As I said, the man has problems, he was crying and confessing he made a mistake, saying he's sorry and that he didn't mean it.

              In the end, some could even say he's done a better job than Lee as a guardian, since he was aware of his incapabilities and he also knew that when you love something and want it to be safe, you need to let it go, even if it means you will die, because when you love someone (no matter if it's romantically or not), you put the individual's happiness and well-being above yours, and you do whatever it takes to make him/her content and safe, and that's exactly what Kenny did, even though he was on the thin limit between sanity and insanity, he came to senses, because Clem and AJ are the whole world to a broken man who's lost his loved ones twice, and just thought some woman murdered his adopted baby, and making him go mad and kill her all to prove to his favorite thing in the whole world that he is in fact an alleged psychopath.

              So all in all, Kenny has had better results than Lee as Clem's guardian, notice I'm not talking about the person himself, which I think they are equal personality-wise, but at keeping her alive? Kenny has achieved better results.

    • I shot Kenny, thinking that it is not him anymore, he went insane and this is best for him. He can finally rest, be with his family. And I wanted to kill Jane for what she did, but going with her was much safer for Clem. Now it turns out, that there are better endings (and worse endings) and I'm thinking about rewinding.

  • y'know some people ( kenny fans ) maaay think that finishing kenny off would make him rest from all the shit he has been to and the pain he will go through if he lived ( I don't agree with it but I bet some kenny fans would think of it ).

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      That's not right though, nor is it fair or humane, leaving him with the uncertainty and confusion of Clem's fate (he still thought the baby is dead there) would be a worse sentence for him, best thing is getting all the weight off of him and only after he's seen they are safe with his own eyes, let him go to die in peace.

  • You guys are defending Kenny? There was no way I was letting Kenny kill Jane. Her way of showing Kenny's insanity was a stupid idea, but it got the point across for me. Kenny was unhinged and he isn't what is right for Clem.

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      Yes he is, fact remains that he got her and AJ to safety, and he left her too, he knows he's a danger to her, he is the right thing for Clem.

    • So unhinged that when presented with an opportunity, he pleads for Clementine to take AJ into Wellington where they'll be safe.

      Seems like a pretty rational thing for a crazy person to do when they fear their own darkness to the point that they begs others around them to leave them for safety.

      That's not to say that I disagree with what Jane did (or sided only with Kenny). I'm still quite torn about my initial choice to shoot Kenny (and then leave Jane) vs. let Kenny kill her and then either sticking with him or going into Wellington.

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        You got the idea right though, he begged for her to go, he was afraid of himself, no one who's practically insane would fear himself.

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      badassm BANNED

      How do you care about a dumb bitch like that more than Kenny? A man who Clem has been with much longer with, fuck jane. No loyalty, smh.

      • No loyalty? Did you not see Kenny throw Clem out of his way multiple times during the fight with Jane. Did you not remember that Jane was the one that got Clem out of the river when Kenny was too busy beating up Arvo. And did you not notice how Jane was the one who made Clem a fire when she was freezing to death while Kenny continued to beat up Arvo. I liked Kenny, but his anger just caused him to lose focus on what's important.

        • Yes and Kenny realized he was putting his loved ones in danger, thus he wanted them to be safe in Wellington WITHOUT him.

          • But at the time nobody knew that. You didn't know Kenny was gonna get Clem to Wellington safely and realize he was a danger to the group while making that decision at The rest stop. At that time Kenny was insane and you had no clue where that road would lead. I'm not saying that killing Jane was a bad decision, I'm just saying I personally felt safer with Jane.

            • I'm saying killing Jane was a bad decision, nothing about how Kennys road ended up justifies it, and saying arriving at Wellington was the 'Right' ending or the 'Better' ending is incorrect because you're not excused for sitting and watching Jane die.

              IMO you made the right decision.

    • Agreed, but at least he admitted it. No matter what, he would've caused more issues (as he always did) & he has shown that he'd even hurt Clem in the process. He pushed that girl multiple times like she was nothing and that's scary for Clem and the baby's well-being.

    • Kenny was out of control, I killed him. I kept ignoring that fact that he was getting more and more crazy over the season. When he tried to kill Jane, I knew he was lost. I was mad at Jane and left her. I don't trust people anymore.

  • Kenny is such a great character. When he started crying while trying to convince Clementine to stay at Wellington, I knew I couldn't leave him.

  • Kenny wanted to die. And he was INSANE. Jane's point was showing Clem he would KILL Clementine herself if she ever messes up. He needed to go. Have fun with kenny, knowing he is going to murder her down the line when something goes wrong.

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      He wanted to die, but only after he got Clem and AJ to safety.

      Maybe he is insane, doesn't matter, he did the right thing and he left her so his so called "insanity" wouldn't hurt them.

      Insane people don't know that what they're doing is wrong, or think that doing the same thing would change anything, he wasn't insane in my eyes.

      He left Clem in my playthrough, so he can't murder her, in my playthrough he did the right thing, and he isn't what you say he is, you can't blame him for being that anyway.

      • When you shoot him he says thank you, "you made the right choice". People who let him kill a girl who did nothing wrong are just as insane as he is and made the wrong choice.

        • "Did nothing wrong"? Are you kidding me? She pushed a mentally unstable man to his breaking point. That's more than doing something wrong. And thanks, we appreciate you telling us our choices are invalid, that's real mature.

          • Lilly wasn't in the wrong then for killing Carly? the entire point is that Kenny is an exact replica of Lily this season.

            • When did I say that? No, what Lily did was horrible, and I fail to see the point in comparing her to Kenny. They're two entirely different people with different problems. If you're trying to guilt trip me into thinking I made the "wrong decision", it's not gonna work.

              • I'm saying your decision isn't the right or wrong decision, don't act like watching Jane die was the right decision or that anyone elses is the wrong.

                • Well excuse me for supporting my opinion against an offensively-worded one. I think that what Jane did is unacceptable, and I tend to lash out when I get provoked, so sue me. If anything you should be telling this to Peachy_Peaches, who flat-out called people who go with Kenny "insane", said we're supporting a murderer, and literally said our choice was the "wrong" one. THAT is rude, and I won't just sit by and let it slide, sorry.

                  • My original comment was meant towards Peach, but I may have misreplied to you, but my opinion on it still stands, and it's more fact that there is no wrong decision because both are equally wrong. It's one of the things i like about this series, much akin to the older fallouts that had moral choices that never ended up perfect.

                    • Oh, I apologize then. I agree that both Kenny and Jane were in the wrong, and understand why the choice is difficult for some.

        • "Girl that did nothing wrong"

          • She didn't. If Kenny passed the test everything would be dandy. He failed.

            • Intentionally provoking him so she could get rid of him counts as "something wrong" from my viewpoint.

              Jane is just as bad as Kenny and Clementine deserves to be free of both of them.

            • and I'm glad that she died because of her stupidity

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              AWESOMEO BANNED

              Who is she to test a man who's crumbling apart? You think he's up for fucking tests right now? Is this elementary school?

            • She let Kenny think that the baby was dead so he would finally, completely mentally break just to prove a point. That is wrong. Kenny killing her is wrong too, but to say that Jane did nothing wrong is just insane. Kenny only went crazy because of what she did. And after it's over, if he's still alive, he realizes how dangerous he's become and gives up everything just so Clem and the baby can be safe.

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          He wants to meet his family again, you can't blame a man that wants to die after what someone like Kenny had endured.

          "did nothing wrong" is rather putting it softly, pretending to kill a baby and breaking a man's heart, continuing to fucking kill him afterwards isn't a good thing. She knew he was going to fucking snap, yet she pushed his buttons, she practically asked for a fight.

          And I don't care if it proved a point, some points have no need to be proven, and there are more humane ways to do them.

          One more thing, don't tell us if our choice was right or wrong, because those terms mean different things in every individuals' own eyes, what I did right might be the wrong thing to you, and vice versa.

        • and who are you to say what the right choice is??
          I mean I get that you like Jane and not Kenny but saying that not killing him is the wrong choice is just bullshit
          I let Kenny kill Jane and stayed with him so did I play the game wrong??
          damm some people

      • I just thought Kenny wanted Clem to leave him because it would be safer in Wellington than with him outside. I don't recall him saying he was too dangerous for Clem.

    • I don't think he was insane, not clinically. After everything he went through he was definitely a problem, but at least he knew it. Carver was insane. Who knows what happened to him to make him that way, but that was definitely not just a bad temper. He consistently chose sadism when there were other, easier alternatives: the clinical term for somebody who feels no guilt and has no empathy is sociopath.

      Kenny and Jane, though, are in the same boat. They're not sociopaths--I don't think anyone would accuse Kenny in particular of not feeling guilt! Both started out as OK people with a few problems. After everything that's happened to them, they're basically their very worst selves. Clem's choice is (1) somebody who may or may not abandon her, or choose someone else over her, and (2) an honest but broken guy who's a volcano about to erupt.

      That's why I chose Kenny in the end, and let him leave Clem and AJ at Wellington. However Clem might have felt about Kenny, I kept thinking of the dialogue Lee had with Hershel in S1: Hershel tells Lee that Lee is only as good as his word. Kenny, for all his anger-management issues and monomaniacal fixation on stuff like boats and Wellington, is honest. He's a pain in the ass, but at least you know what you're getting.

    • sorry, double post

    • Correct, he's nothing more than a ticking time bomb. He out of all group members has caused the most problems. If it weren't for him, Mike, Luke and Bonnie would still be around. I could give crap less about the Russian kid, although he probably wouldn't have done anything wrong. He was far too afraid of Kenny & that motivated him to do what he did. He was just too much of a liability & given that you need to be in a stable group, Kenny is like oil to a group with water. He has proven this in both seasons.

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        That's not true, he wanted to reason with them in my playthrough, and they just took off with a stupid shitbird who shot Clem in the shoulder.

        They abandoned a baby.

        • Kenny is the reason why they left in the first place. Why the heck would they want to "reason" with Kenny, when he is the cause of their fears? It isn't as if they were biased against him. They saw his character and knew that nothing good would come of it & saw him cause nothing, but drama. How did they abandon a baby? AJ was stuck with Clem and Kenny, so they'd be in the wrong to take AJ.lol I'm pretty sure fans would rage if they even thought about taking AJ. Plus, there is no need to take AJ, if they weren't confident that they could take care of him & I'm sure they couldn't. They aren't the parent types. It would be jacked up for them to take him, only for him to end up dead. That just isn't a logical argument.

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            They were pretty damn biased against him, he wasn't that much of a threat, he did what's right, and yeah beating up the kid was harsh but what isn't?

            If they are so afraid of him, they should be afraid that AJ and Clem would stay with him, if they think he can take care of them better, then they just think he has a personal agenda against them, pretty damn biased .-.

            And give him credit, cuz he did save them both after all, he managed to keep his promise.

            • So, we are just going to forget that, when we first met Mike, Kenny was about to beat him senseless, just because Mike was TRYING to help Kenny work their assigned task??? So, bias??? Not really and AGAIN, they SHOULDN'T take people whom they cannot take care of. Why would you take a baby, knowing darn well that you are struggling way too much to survive yourself? It'd be selfish of you to then take that child, knowing that it may die, because of you. It's a lose lose situation, but their choice was not selfish. In the zombie apocalypse, choices get like that.

              As far as giving him credit, he gets none, because they would've survived just as well without Kenny. Kenny was the tension in the group.

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                AWESOMEO BANNED

                I'm not going to argue with someone who brings points like you did, it's just funny.

                Maybe he was tension, but he was also justice, and he was also a leader.

  • Agree damm fuck jane glad she died in my playthrough
    sure kenny was dangerous but what matters is that he cared for AJ and Clem and thats a fact
    whereas the more "grounded" and healthier people(who constantly criticised Kenny) were total dicks, looking at Mike and Bonnie

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      They were self-centered assholes, and what they did was rash and dumb, especially looking at what their friend Arvo did >_>

      • Let me just say I had to think for alittle before i decided on that but kenny has been with us longer and overall this episode had it shocker moments and bonnie and mike surprised me with that move and overall my favorite ending was the wellington with kenny i decided to not go with kenny since you know people died to get us here so i followed kennys wishes and stayed at wellington and that was a glorious ending i picked kenny because its not his fault he has a temper he lost alot in life and to conclude this reply i love your posts they are very elegant and intresting to read please make more i love your points and views on pros and cons and episodes overall

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          Thank you for the compliments ^_^

          I agree, you picked that ending for the same reason I did, good points, I'll try my best to comment more if that's what you want I guess, lol.

    • You're right. I liked Mike and Bonnie, but i never understood why people trusted them and loved them so much.

      I mean... i don't remember who, but i saw a guy saying that he would die to save mike, and that was just... too much for me.

      I can understand what they did, but still wasn't right. I could never trust them enough.

  • I can't blame Bonnie and Mike being afraid of Kenny. And...i got a question. The church of episode 4, where is it? o.o

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