Which ending should I choose?!

In my first play through I chose to kill Kenny :'(
I love Kenny but I thought it was good story telling to have Clem be force to kill him. I also predicted that it was going to come to that soon especially in this episode.
And I think I would be putting him out of his misery because he is clearly miserable.
But I just played the ending where Kenny kills Jane and I left with him to go to Wellington but stayed there and he had to leave :'(
That ending was much more emotional and sadder and a better ending.
Ugh there's so many great ending choices that I cannot pick and it's gonna be on my mind until I chose a one that I'm fully satisfied with.


  • Save Kenny is the canon ending

  • My favorite ending is where you let Kenny kill Jane and leave Wellington with him.

  • Go with your gut.

    Personally I can trust Kenny because I know he can flip. Jane is manipulative, I would never be able to trust her 100% even though I actually like her as a person well enough.

    Kenny's ending satisfied me a lot.

  • The first one that happened to you should be your "best" ending.

  • Id save kenny and not go to wellington. That was mine and its my favorite.

  • Your first is always the best.

  • You're just saying that because you don't like Kenny.

  • My ending is the only canon one, every other ending out there should not be taken seriously.

  • The one you thinks its the best. I've stayed in Wellington. It was a difficult choice but...yeah.

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    Jane is manipulative? How about Kenny trying to guilt trip you every time you disagree, and/or going into a MASSIVE rage?

    Jane's one attempt at manipulation was because she thought she was doing Clem a favour.

  • go with your gut man. whatever you think is right.

    I shot kenny and left Jane so now its just Clem and A.J. alone.

  • What was your ending?

  • clem, Kenny and the black baby survive and they don't go into wellington.

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    I'm glad you thought exactly like me, and the canon part too. :D


  • No, when I say the first playthrough is the best I mean it for ANY outcomes, If he ended with Kenny the first time I would encourage him to go with it just as much.

  • Kenny reacts with his heart, Jane with her brain. I just said which one I would be able to trust more.

  • Jane is a bitch. She fucked everything up especially with the Luke part. She should have never come back. FUCK JANE.

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    I'm having the same troubles. Leaving Clem alone with baby to me is not an option. Shooting Kenny seems right (Stopping a fight, justice), but so does staying at Wellington (main purpose since the beginning of the season). It's tough.

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    Don't listen to these comments it's your choice!

  • How is killing Kenny justice?! Remember he's only trying to kill jane because he thought she killed the baby. Killing a child murderer is justice.

  • I just played the ending where I left with Jane and my biggest question is how in the hell does a white guy have a full black kid?? Lmfao

  • I don't think you should ask us which ending to go for just go with your gut instinct / blind playthrough.

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    The key word is thought. Kenny never let Jane explain herself he went straight to threats and abuse.

  • I'd say stick with Kenny and leave Wellington is the best.

  • Eh screw the canon. I saved Jane because going back to carvers camp was a smarter choice. There's no way the baby would have survived the trip to wellington. And if A.j. would've died then Ken would completely lose it, whitch is basically what Jane proved. So based off that Jane was the better choice for me.

  • Adopted. Allot of foster parents treat their adopted children as if they actually participated in creating them.

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    Wait a second, am I missing somethhing here?

    You actually go to Wellington? How?

  • Actually you safely make it to Wellington, there's no room for other people, Kenny insists Wellington takes Clem and the baby because he doesn't trust himself, they accept. then you have the choice to stay in wellington or stay with Kenny- which is also by the way the most emotional ending.

  • Just stick with Kenny, it's the most emotional ending in my opnion

  • Only the Kenny/Clem "SEEYA LATER FUCKERS" ending is canon.

  • Jane could've easily just said ''I hid the baby in a car, stop!''. But she had to prove that Kenny is a psycho, thanks Jane.

  • Never said Jane was wrong in dragging it out or instigating the matter. However she wasn't the aggressor in this situation. Kenny needed to calm down.

  • I like Jane, but she made a great mistake. You can't just lie about killing an innocent baby in an extreme situation like that one.

    Kenny was always for me, and he showed that at Wellington.

    So I ended up with him, and left together.

  • I'm with Kenny to the end. No way I'm leaving that badass behind

  • Whilst this is true, Jane did say it was an accident and was never able to expand on what actually happened because in typical Kenny fashion, Kenny never let her. For all he knew a walker could have got to the baby. I mean you saw what the weather was like, it wasn't as easy to see the walkers and you can only look one direction at a time.. Also murder is NEVER justice.

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    At the time killing Kenny was the closest thing to justice. To me at least. If I had my way the shot Kenny option would have grazed him. or have been a warning shot. Rather than killing him. But alas I have no choice in that matter and looking away doesn't seem right.

  • I think it would have been a harder choice to choose between Luke and Kenny, but with Kenny and Jane, there's no choice. And anyway, killing Jane seemed to snap him out of his depression.

  • Yeah someone told me about it. I wonder though.......if there's going to be a season 3 how would that work with some players choosing to go back to carver's camp while others chose to go to wellington?

  • I picked the Jane one, and I'm happy. A lot of people hate the Jane ending, and they love the Kenny endings. Other people love having the opportunity for Clem to blaze her own trail.

    Whatever ending makes you feel the most interested is the best one.

  • I let Kenny kill Jane, and then left Wellington. I decided to see what happens if I killed Kenny.

    Killed Kenny

    Cried like a bitch, and decided not to go through with it.

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