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You may vent here. *Possible spoilers inside*

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Get your frustrations out. Scream, cry, whatever... It may help

I'll go first.

FUCK YOU MIKE!, You were my boy!

Arvo i tried to fking help you, you piece of crap, AND WHAT DO I GET IN RETURN??! A FKING BULLET?! REALLY??! I should have let Kenny bash your in your skull.

Bonnie... you traitor... Its hard to be mad at you... but i am...

Ahh that feels better....

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    dojo32161 Moderator

    I actually liked every character because all of them had their reasons.

    Bonnie and Mike were too scared by Kenny and wanted to leave, especially due to the way he was treating Arvo, exactly how Carver treated Kenny, and if they had helped Clem who knows what Kenny would've done to them.

    Arvo felt like he was getting revenge on his sister's killer because we didn't have time or the opportunity to explain that she had reanimated, or perhaps Arvo and his group did not know about reanimation unless you destroy the brain.

  • &#&^%&#^&$&&R^&%&&^^%&#^^#&**&^&!!!!!
    I don't think I'd be happy with any ending. THEY ARE ALL CRAZY!!!!
    Kenny was always so crazy and hotheaded, he is always causing trouble. I wanted him to stop but I didn't want to kill him. Jane you f-ing b! You pushed him too far, I kind of wished I had let her die. Why isn't "shoot Jane" after you find out AJ is alive an option? The only reason I stayed with her is because I don't think a young girl alone with a baby in the snow can last very long. But forgive her?! $&^(&#^%&$&@*@&!!!!!

    • Replay the end and side with Kenny, you will feel better :) Albeit i still like Jane, i knew her reasons, stupid and manipulative as they were. They came from a good heart.

  • My Clem would like a time machine to go back and take out everyone outside of Luke in the final episode or at least decide to leave with Luke and Nick or something after Carver. What a bunch of assholes they all turned out to be. Not that it wasn't well written I just seriously hate these guys.

    I was gonna side with Jane until she manipulated and shoved Clementine around in the final fight. None of these characters cared about Clem the way Lee or any true friend would. I had Clementine stay at Wellington cause I hoped she might find some actual nice people rather than the five psychopaths she ended up with in Chapter Five.

    RIP Cabin people. You deserved better.

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      dojo32161 Moderator

      I miss the cabin people, out of everyone, they didn't become giant A-holes. Nick, Pete, Alvin, Luke, Sarah, Carlos and Rebecca. At least we have AJ.

    • Holy shit, it's just hilarious how the people everyone wanted to go fuck themselves are now the few people who truly deserve to be mourned about in S2 XD

      • I at least kind of understood where they were coming from in Chapter 1 with the stuff they put Clem through. I mean besides the fact that Carlos was a terrible doctor for not know what a dog bite looked like, I get the fear of Clem turning. And none of them knew anything about Clementine so it felt natural for them to warm up to her and trust her after a period of time like anyone would. However, there is no excuse for me as far as Bonnie, Mike, Kenny, and Jane goes.

        Mike and Bonnie just straight up left with Arvo, who led them into a gunfight and cried a lot about his sister, and abandoned a helpless baby and a kid who had never once wronged them (My Clementine didn't at least). They tried to take all the supplies and their truck and then Arvo shoots Clementine and they still go with him?! Sorry, that's just indefensible in my book.

        Secondly, Kenny was off the deep end. Part of me still liked Kenny cause I felt like there was a good person in there somewhere, but he'd murdered and beaten people, he was constantly more worried about AJ like he was a replacement for Duck and Clem was a second thought to him. The minute Clementine had a chance to split for him, I went for it, although I did cry when they said their goodbyes. Like I said, I cared about Kenny, but he was too far gone.

        Last, Jane who had such a jaded view of everything and everyone that caused her to go loco. I was fine with Jane until Clem woke up after getting shot. I didn't agree with her, but I liked her. But then she started a ridiculous and childish argument with Kenny in the car, left Clem in the midst of a zombie infested snowstorm, came up with a reckless plan to throw Kenny off the deep end, and then finally shoved Clem and hit her when her and Kenny were fighting.

        All of them were awful and by the end, I was glad Clem didn't have to be around them anymore. Yeah, the Cabin group were kind of dicks at the beginning but at least they weren't murderers, traitors, and psychopaths.

  • Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! FUCK! FUUUUUUUCK!!!


  • It may have only been 5 bucks but I regret buying 400 Days, almost as useless a DLC as Oblivion's horse armor.

  • F*ck Bonnie for blaming ME for Luke's death when SHE was the one not listening to him and completely breaking the ice around him. She then proceeds to blame Kenny as well, and she won't accept any kind of apology? And then she BETRAYS us and tries to steal ALL the supplies and the car? The lowest of the low. Trash. In my second playthrough I let her drown.

    Mike, what the hell?! Been on your side since I first met you and you still betray me, trying to leave me in the cold with no supplies and a baby to look after?! You god damn *sshole!

    Arvo was a lying piece of crap from the moment we met him, so I'm not really surprised about that. But I still decided to help him, only to (unsurprisingly) get stabbed in the back -by getting SHOT in the shoulder.

    Those 3... those people made me really upset this episode.

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    CathalOHara Moderator

    When Mike was saying they're probably wasn't any kissin I ended up laughing my ass off. How is this a vent? Cause I thought he was the badassest S2 character and he just had to end up siding with Arvo.

    I really, really hope that Arvo got what he deserved after Clementine passed out, I hated that kid.

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