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WHAT ABOUT *******?!

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Seriously? What happened to Christa? All this time I was hoping to see her at Wellington which is really the only reason I agreed with Kenny about going there. I wanted to see Christa again, even if it meant the group would have to split up. And what do you know? You get there and the woman says she isn't there? Seriously? If they were going to just forget about her, than Omid didn't have to die either.

They could have easily had Omid, Christa, and the baby be split from Clementine in a similar senerio with the bandits! There status would have been unknown but I would have felt a little better knowing she wouldn't be alone. I hope season 3 gives closure to her character. If we play as a different protagonist, I hope he/she meets Christa along the way. I felt that this was really my only problem with this season. Killing off to much of the original cast. I mean you can practacly only have Clementine be the only survivor of the original group.

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