• I can't help but notice that every send-off for Kenny is peaceful, respectful, and guiltless. Even if you kill him yourself, Kenny bears no grudge towards you and absolves you of your remorse. The game tries its hardest to make you feel like Kenny was a good guy and forgive him for everything, even if you killed him for Jane.

    It's embittered by the fact that Sarah dies a horrible, ignominious death no matter what. Or by Nick's off-screen death. Or Carlos dying in the blink of an eye. Or Sarita being reduced to a mute prop once she got bitten.

    • Well if it was quick and like other deaths lots of users would be complaning about it, im confused on why anyone would complain about the deaths improving and when youre dying you probably dont think about that. Kenny lost all anger once he was shot.

      • I think the point is that it's unfair how the writing was so clearly pushing for players to sympathize with Kenny no matter what. It doesn't matter what you thought of him, it doesn't matter if your Clem didn't like him. The game forces Clem to sob over his death even though she didn't shed a tear over Omid's death.

        • It didn't feel forced for a second, sorry you hated our hero. Guess people do really hate people with issues ;)

          • Good for you, I guess. And yeah, it's a shame that people hate people with issues. Nick and Sarah, I'll always love you guys!

            By the way, I didn't hate Kenny at all. I hated how the writers handled him this season. Not that hard to understand.

        • Don't you say she didn't sob over Omids death, there were months and months if not years of inbetween time where you never saw her, and even after it gets back to her you can express wishing Omid was still alive... obviously it hit her hard, just not immediately.

          • Point is that the writers consciously chose not to show Clem sobbing over Omid, but they did choose to show her sobbing over Kenny. It's so obvious that the player is meant to sympathize with Kenny regardless of what the player thinks of him.

            • Oh Merak I had many doubts about Kenny, but him killing/leaving Clem was not one of them. I always knew Clem could trust Kenny no matter what, that's why I liked him. If Bonnie and Mike just ups and leaves her for death you see I was right, right?
              Jane manipulates Kenny into a fight to the death(atleast my Clem's best friend and protector). I chose to kill Jane because how could Clem live with herself after killing that person?

              Good people are sometimes people with problems, don't get fooled by "nice" people.

              Also I left Kenny at Wellington since he was so broken, and it was his last wish. Best ending ever :)

              • Yeah, I have no doubts Clem could count on Kenny. Problem is that Clem's friends can't count on Kenny. He didn't give a damn about anyone besides Clem and AJ, and as someone who liked pretty much everyone in the group, that couldn't slide with me. And let's not forget that it was Kenny who prompted Mike and Bonnie to leave in the first place Mike, Bonnie, Luke, Jane and Clem were getting along completely fine until Kenny ripped the group apart.

                Besides, even though Jane's plan was completely idiotic, Kenny's reaction was completely unjustified. Jane walked in alone, said "He-" in a clearly heartbroken and guilt-ridden tone. Kenny went outside, couldn't find the baby, and immediately assumed that JANE MURDERED ALVIN JR. He then confronted Jane and accused her of murdering the baby, but Jane tells him that his death was an accident. He then proceeds to try to kill Jane for, what, accidentally getting AJ killed? From his POV, Jane did nothing that warranted death.

                • Aren't you forgetting that Kenny by that point already hates Jane's guts? Argument in the truck? Jane shitting on him, just pissing him off even more. So it didn't surprise me, that he just up and wanted to kill Jane.

                  • Of course I understand why he lost his shit. That doesn't mean it was justified.

                    Lilly suspected Ben was the traitor, and she was losing it, but that doesn't mean her trying to kill Ben was justified. Carley was shitting on Lilly and pissing her off, but that doesn't mean Lilly was justified in shooting her.

                    • It wasn't justified for sure, and I don't agree that Kenny should have up and killed Jane, but heck even if you let him, to some agree, you could maybe see some signs of regret in his eyes in the Wellington ending, I don't know, this episode really tried to make each character have good or bad qualities, in my opinion, they're both nuts. and Clem is better off.

                      • Yeah, well, Lilly regretted shooting Doug, yet no one cuts her any slack. I really can't forgive Kenny trying to murder someone for, from his point of view, accidentally getting AJ killed. What Jane did was really shitty too, but at least I'm certain she won't try to unjustly kill anyone in an overprotective rage. After all, she clearly felt bad about killing the Russian, and she sympathized with Mike and Bonnie when they left even though they got Clem shot.

                        I miss Christa :(

  • He's an asshole. Jane and Clementine are the best team for her safety and Jane loves her more than Kenny ever did or would.

    • Oh yeah, for someone who does not trust groups at all to come back and put up with Kenny's shit JUST for Clementine?

      That's a keeper in my book.

    • You mean the woman who goes. "Hey, I'm going to hide a Baby and lie about it to the man fighting to keep him alive because i am trying to make him snap because I don't trust him."

      She set Kenny up to force Clem into making a life or death choice. Me...I let her die. Why...because Jane was trying to brainwash me. She wanted Kenny to snap, she wanted to either kill him because he was pissed that she let a baby got killed....she died over a lie because she was being self righteous. THAT...and Kenny was right. And if you make it there with Kenny, his true colors shine on through again and he even confesses he's not sure of himself but once again, the chips are down and Kenny folds to save lives at his expense. And while i think Jane will likely do the same in her play through...I can't forgive her for that goddamned trap. If Kenny was a bomb like she said she was, she lit him...and he explodes. She made that situation....and I don't feel bad for her.

      • Well it worked. Showed Kenny only cared about that kid. Kenny needed to go..


        • No, it showed she cared only for herself. Kenny cared about Clem, but that moment wasn't about Clem. That moment was about AJ. People are allowed to have this thing called concern. it's the dang thing everyone complained about when Sarah die din front of ev...wait...no...a baby was born, looked like it might have been dead but wasn't, and thus they all had a bittersweet moment of celebration.

          Kenny cared for the kids right up until the end, and it seems that's the case no matter what.

          Jane was selfish and it got her killed. At no time did she ever stop fighting Kenny. She's trying to kill him because of her lie. Yes self defense...but the girl set the man off with a lie. If it was true then yes, I'd have sided with her but what she said before he came in...I knew it was a set up.

          So no, screw the crazy bitch trying to set off Kenny. She's the real psycho.

          • User Avatar Image
            Kartal5 BANNED

            Well said Dr. Emmet Brown, i agree 100%.

          • Even if Jane is a psycho, that doesn't change that Kenny is too. Clementine isn't safe with either of them, I just think Jane is the better choice. She never does anything to hurt Clementine, where as Kenny has taken his anger out on Clementine before, aswell as shoved her and pushed her. Next time, when it's just him, Clementine and the baby, he will take it out on Clem.

            • User Avatar Image
              badassm BANNED

              Did you not fucking see how jane shoved clementine too?

              • That didn't happen for me. I watched a playthrough again and same result. Who did you try to stop when they exited the rest stop but were still fighting?

                • I stopped whoever had the advantage and tried to keep them from doing this. Jane pushed me around very time. And when it came down to the last choice...I chose to let her die. Like I said somewhere here, this screamed set up. I wasn't going to let Kenny take the fall. But i tried right up until the end to stop them both in spite of knowing Jane's game.

          • Blaming the victim for their own murder, wow that's shitty. You're an abuse apologizer. "You just make me so mad!" therefore you deserve to be hit and murdered. Jane didn't deserve to be murdered because she pissed Kenny off, or even because she lied. Kenny started that fight. Jane even tried to stop Kenny from fighting in the beginning. She flashed her knife and put it away, and then Kenny charged her again. No matter if you like Kenny or not, he'd straight up murder Jane, and Jane didn't deserve that.

      • While I agree that Jane seems to have her own problems and possibly agenda, I don't think she's trying to brainwash you. I think she legitimately cares about you and your well-being so she's trying to shed light on the fact that sometimes you may have to leave a group and you may be alone.

               What she did, the setup/trap at the rest stop, was completely dumb, I agree. Jane let you know it was a setup. She told Kenny it was an accident and he just went off. In my playthrough I tried multiple times to break up the fights (both in the car and at the rest stop). The fact is that Kenny was insanely reckless with trying to avenge a baby's death when he had NO IDEA what happened. He was even violent towards Clementine during that fight which ultimately made me side with Jane. I don't agree with her plan but it was true, Kenny can't protect us and he's too unstable. 
           It was hard deciding whether to shoot Kenny or [Look Away]. I had to shoot Kenny because even though Jane was setting him up, there was ZERO excuse to kill Jane over what she had implied was an accident. I don't see how killing her would have made any situation better. 
          I'm sad I didn't see the Wellington scene where Kenny begged for Clementine to stay, but I am still clinging on to the ideals of Lee. Doing what I think is right and being a kind and ultimately caring person. I went back to the camp Carver had. When approached by the family I could tell they were trying to turn Clementine into the same type of person Jane was. I don't want Clementine to grow up bitter and hateful or unwilling to help people in times of need. I allowed the family to come in even though we didn't have a lot of food. I still want to give people the benefit of the doubt because I believe it's what Lee would have done.
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      badassm BANNED

      Incorrect you asshole

  • Oh boy.....that's waaaay more long than it needed to be, so I'm just gonna say this:
    It only seems forced because in season 1 we never had a chance to see them bonding at all much like we never saw Clem bond with Katja,duck, and everyone else but it was painfully obvious bonds were going on during that 3 month gap from Season 1. We just didn't see it because we were playing from Lee's point of view.

    • Well, I'm annoyed, so Ima rant a bit :P

      Anyways, you didn't mention my biggest criticism with No Going Back, which was its absolute refusal to let Clem leave Kenny until he attempts to kill Jane. No game. You didn't have to go that far to convince my Clem to part ways with him. I would've jumped at the chance to go with the far more functional group of Luke, Bonnie, Mike and Jane if I'd been given the option. Which I wasn't.

      • Even Jane herself was disturbingly possessive and I believe Clem would have been safer without her. If Kenny was being weird towards AJ, I'm sure Jane would have killed off Bonnie or Mike if they were to make any mistakes that endangered Clem.

        • I honestly doubt that. Jane might've become obsessively possessive of Clem later, maybe, but nothing in the game showed that's how she was now. When she talks about Mike and Bonnie leaving, she sounds sympathetic towards them and tells Clem that they probably didn't know what they were doing, and only wanted to escape Kenny, despite the fact that they endangered Clem. She also lets Clem leave if she decides not to forgive her.

          • I'm going off of how she exploited AJ purely to make an unstable man play right into her hands. It may have been mature of her to allow Clem to leave of her own volition, but after all the questionable things she's done I felt that Clem deserved to be with a better person.

            The whole sequence with Arvo's departure seems contrived to make you hate him and justify Kenny's racism, even though up to that point Kenny was being extremely irrational.

            • At the very least, I'm certain that Jane wasn't possessive of Clem in the same way Kenny was, expecting her to always agree with him, blowing up and talking about how "Jane is filling her head with bullshit" whenever Clem disagreed with him. She lets Clem leave her if she shot Kenny, and she even tells Clem to "think for herself" instead of blindly agreeing with her or Kenny.

    • The writers really revived Kenny because they assumed that players had a strong recollection of him back when he was Lee's friend, even though you were meant to play as a different character. As far as I was concerned, Clementine liked Kenny for his friendship with Lee rather than because she trusted him herself.

      And after his breakdown in Episode 5, there really was no going back in their relationship.

  • Then "lee and clem's relationship" was forced too but I dont see it bothering you.And yes,im a Kenny fan and he made this season very enjoyable for me.

    • I'll just copy paste this:

      This isn't like with Clem and Lee in Season 1, where almost the entire fanbase unanimously loved their relationship. Was Telltale seriously completely blind to just how divisive a character Kenny was, and how the Clem/Kenny dynamic was nowhere near as universally loved? They alienated a good percentage of the players by deciding to cater only to the Kenny fans. You had the option to either be friends with Sarah or treat her like crap. You had the option to support Nick, or let Walter kill him. You had the option to forgive Bonnie, or never let her hear the end of it and even let her die in the lake. No such variability for Kenny, huh?

      Besides, the Lee/Clem relationship was handled and developed much better than Kenny/Clem, because the latter depended entirely on the assumption that Clem actually liked Kenny in Season 1, which we were not shown at all, regardless of whether that was true or not. We saw Lee and Clem's bond grow and develop. Not the case with Kenny.

      • You can be an absolute piece of shit to Clem in Season 1 and she'll still love Lee

        • Thing is, her relationship with Lee was actually well developed, and most importantly, Clem and Lee were universally loved. Clem liking Lee no matter what can be excused because almost everyone liked her anyways and the player isn't given options to outright hate her.

          Kenny was not so unanimously liked, and yet Telltale wrote Season Two under the assumption that everyone liked him, which alienated a much larger portion of the fanbase than the Clem haters.

  • what kenny and clem relationship?

    my clem was against kenny for much of season 2 and she put him out of his misery in episode 5 lol

    kenny was a ticking time bomb so I made sure he never would pose a threat to anyone else ever again

  • "On a slightly related note, Kenny singlehandedly tore apart one of the most capable and functional groups Clem has ever had"

    That group was a bunch of idiots. Why did this site remove the dislike button?

    • No more stupid than any other group Clem was with. At least this one had someone with survival experience with them, and no cripplingly useless or stupid members (Duck, Ben, Sarah, etc)

      They also removed the dislike button so people would actually discuss their opinions instead of spamming dislike the second they saw something they didn't agree with.

      • If I recall, Sarah was part of that group. And maybe a member doesn't have to be useless or stupid to bring their group down.

        • Not anymore during Episode 5. Luke, Jane, Bonnie and Mike would've been an ideal group for Clem. And sure, people who aren't useless or stupid might bring the group down, but those four were nowhere near as huge a threat or liability as past members in the group like the aforementioned kids (I like them all, but they were still liabilities), or Larry or Kenny or Nick.

          • Up to that point, they seemed pretty well-off and able to me. The only thing they really needed Clem to do was turn on a PA system. The only person out of those four I see as being a liability afterward is Luke and Jane. Who knows, they might have left behind a bag of supplies if Arvo hadn't shot Clem. After that, it was pretty much run or face the wrath of Kenny.

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    NerdyGeek BANNED

    Kenny cares about Clem more than anybody in Season 2

  • I agree man. Even at the moonstar lodge.. I saw with Kenny.. Cuz I might've pissed him off.


    Kenny was a menace. Festering away and bringing everyone down with his insatiable pipe dream. Then gets sympathy from the idealistic thirteen year olds because his entire character made a U turn? I didn't relate, couldn't... how could I?

    I was wrong. Kenny did care about Clementine all along. But he had done too much to turn back, and done too little to go on. All his misery and suffering slowly driving the group apart. He killed more of us inadvertently than anything else.

    Now, I aint no Jane sympathizer either. Fuck her for lying to and using me to prove her point and pit me, yet again, against someone else. I need to say this because as it stands; either you love Kenny, or you're pragmatism won't allow you to...

    • What won a lot of people over is his constant apologizing.. It's like an abusive relationship circle

      Kenny fucks up!

      Kenny: I'm sowwy for messin' up I won't do it again

      Clementine: Awww K I forgive you


      • I feel like the Carver death should've played a bigger hand in trusting Kenny. It did for me.

        I watched Carver's death to see how much Kenny really cared about Clementine. Anyone in Kenny's position would've seen a young girl watching and would have just shot him dead. But no, Kenny gave off a display so barbaric and savage I refused to let the game allow me to connect with him after that. I completely closed up and understood all I needed about him.

    • And Jane wouldn't have even needed to lie and endanger AJ to prove her point if the game had just given Clem the option to outright agree with her that she shouldn't stay with Kenny! But the only options we get are "Oh, Kenny's fine", "We can fix Kenny" or half-hearted "Hm, maybe you're right... I'm not sold yet though".

    • Same here.

      Sarita was disillusioned with Kenny. Bonnie had the strength to realize Carver - a man who we can assume protected her just as much as Kenny had protected Clem - was irredeemable. And the Clementine I know is someone who only knew Kenny as Lee's scary friend.

  • What do you mean? You get to freakin' kill him yourself, I don't see how that's not appealing to Kenny haters.

    So what if she still sobs even if she didn't potentially like him in your game? When was the last time she had to kill a human being? Guys please. Even Jane gets choked up about killing that Russian. You think Clem wouldn't feel ANYTHING at all killing human being she's known for a long time?

    She may dislike Kenny in your playthrough, but she's not a damn psychopath yet to the point of being cold about killing him. She cried when she determinantly shot the Stranger, for Winston's sake!

    • She also cried when Kenny told her to stay at Wellington and leave him. I don't see much reason for Clem, psychopath or not, to cry in that situation .It's so transparently obvious the writing was specifically tailored to people who sympathized with Kenny, and no one else.

      • i suppose, you could look at it, as she was losing someone from her past much like Christa and Lee and Omid and she was sad that she might not see him again, and was on her own, though yeah it is kind of problematic the other way you look at it.

        • Even then, she didn't shed a tear when Omid was murdered right in front of her. She just sort of... whimpers for a second and stands there. But saying goodbye to Kenny, who's still going strong and has a huge bag of supplies with him, is enough to illicit tears. What?

          • bad writing, I guess, though I'd take that ending over Jane's which is too underwhelming and cynical for my taste.

            • Eh, I was alright with the ending where you take the family in. At least it hinted that Jane was warming up to people and that there's hope there that Clem will be able to rebuild a community at Howe's.

              • Still it kind of implies that Clem may turn out to be as manipulative as Jane and perhaps even as aggressive as Carver, the Kenny ending seems more hopeful, like it's an ending that Lee would've wanted her to have, to be safe.

                • Really? How did it imply that Clem was become manipulative or aggressive? If anything, her willingness to let the family in and her optimism that they might be able to make something of the hardware store suggested that Clem was becoming a benevolent leader, the exact opposite of Carver.

                  • I suppose, but that could have just been the wrong choice and might bite clem in the ass, I just find Kenny's ending to be touching and more climatic.

                    • That makes sense, but that actually made me enjoy Jane's ending more. This is the Walking Dead universe, a central theme is whether you should risk survival by retaining your humanity, so it fit the tone quite well. It ended on a hopeful but still uncertain note, which was as good a conclusion you could expect from TWD.

                      Kenny's endings, meanwhile, were really only touching for people who liked Kenny...

                      • I thought the ending where you end up in Wellington was bittersweet because while it was possibly the safest possible location in the entire Season, Christa wasn't there and it's evident that Wellington is already over-stretched.

                      • Well, I'm not really much of a Kenny hater nor am I a lover, but I did kind of like Kenny in episode 5, even though his mental breakdown at the end scared the shit out of me. I mostly liked Kenny as an interesting tragic character. not that I liked him personally, in my view, he shouldn't even have been in season 2, it sure had potential, but Telltale weren't doing much with his character, episode 5 has some good things in it that I really appreciated, but I don't think it really saved the season, but it was still enjoyable.

                  • I think he's referring to the option to turn them away, where she then comes across as heartless and even short-sighted.

      • But why would you go that far with him if you despised him to begin with? If you thought he was wrong?

        "Gee, I don't think you're right,I don't wanna go to Wellington and you're trying to kill Jane,the one I agree with, but I think I'll let you kill her anyway, forgive you, and go with you."

        You're being inconsistent. Whether your Clem agreed with him or not, it was the third time he was risking his life so she could be safe. First with helping Christa / staying with Ben so Lee could save her, second when he took the beating, and final and third at Wellington.

        If Clem weren't phased in the least by a person's constant sacrifice for her safety, she would have been the one behaving unrealistically and out of character.

        • Why would she go to Wellington? One word: Christa. Not inconsistent if you ask me, since Clem was determined to reunite with her.

          And how exactly was Kenny staying behind for Ben helping Clem? He elected to stay in an infest ally for no good reason at all instead of just shooting Ben and going with Lee to help save Clem.

          Christa sacrificed plenty for Clem, but there were no tears of despair when she was separated from her. Luke saved Clem multiple times and risked life and limb trying to rescue her from Carver's camp, but there were no tears for Luke. If anything, crying when saying goodbye to Kenny was out of character.

          The fact that Clem doesn't shed a single tear for Omid, the man she clearly liked and survived with for months, showed just how much the writers were forcing the Kenny/Clem angle.

          Besides, Kenny leaving Clem and AJ at Wellington wasn't much of a "sacrifice". The last Clem saw of Kenny, he was stable and healthy and well supplied. Why would she consider it a "sacrifice", at least to the point that she'd cry in appreciation?

          • Well, he got Clem to Wellington, and with that gave her the chance to see whether Christa made it or not. And then he makes Clem and the baby stay there for their own safety. Now that you mentioned that wanting to meet Christa was your Clem's objective, that just makes it a double favor that he's done for your Clem. What an asshole , right?

            Also, you don't know for sure whether Clem cried when Omid died. It cuts really briefly, who's to say she didn't start crying when Christa went to confront her about it, or when they had to shoot him to keep him from reanimating? She just looked in shock to me, and she was sobbing, at that moment. It seemed Telltale also just got lazy and didn't want to make teary-eyed models for that scene for some reason, because if you look at Christa, there are no tears on her face either.

            She does cry when she realizes she really is all alone and Christa isn't there for her, shortly before Luke saves her. She just sits there on the ground and starts crying. I interpreted that as her crying over finally realizing she had been completely separated from her. She does have a chance to tell Luke how she's all alone and she just lost her friend Christa when the scavengers attacked, as one of the first dialogue options when he saves her.

            About Ben, he thought he could save him. His last line was "I either save that kid, or get to see Katjaa and Duck again. Now go get that girl, Lee!". I don't think he was sure he couldn't have saved him at that moment.

            • But I never said Kenny was an asshole for taking Clem to Wellington. I greatly appreciated how selfless he was in that ending. My problem was how forced Clem’s relationship with Kenny was, in that scene and the rest of the season. Btw, I didn't actually go to Wellington, I was just discussing the scene in which Clem does go :P

              And I suppose TT could’ve been too lazy to make crying models, but you can clearly hear Christa sobbing, and you can only hear Clem whimpering. The point is, TT made a conscious decision not to show Clem crying over Omid, but they did decide to show her crying over Kenny. It’s painfully obvious that TT wanted players to sympathize with Kenny no matter what, and my problem is that that shouldn’t be the case in a choice driven game. TT knows Kenny is one of the most divisive characters in the season, yet they keep showing him blatant favoritism. There is no path that doesn’t paint Kenny in an unsympathetic light. Contrast with Nick or Sarah or Bonnie, with whom you're given a choice to sympathize with or not.

              And I brought up Ben because you mentioned Kenny trying to save him was a “sacrifice” for Clem, when it really wasn’t. It was a sacrifice for Ben, sure, but it did nothing to help Clem.

              • Well, I'll agree to disagree. There's nothing forced about Clem being moved over what Kenny did for her at Wellington.even if she was never close to him. Hell, if I were in that situation, I'd be moved if a complete stranger did the same thing for me, and I'm not a 11 year old kid.

                And how is shooting and killing him being forced to sympathize with him? It's your choice to sympathize or agree with Jane that he was a crazy man.

                About the Ben scenario...

                Alt text

                Season 1 Clem would have been happy that he stayed there with her friend to try to save him.

                • I would be moved too, but not to the point that I'd cry. Especially since (as far as we know) Clem didn't cry over Omid's death. Clem didn't cry over Alvin's sacrifice (though she was close). Clem didn't cry over Pete's sacrifice. I found it completely unbelievable that a little girl who could get through such hardships without shedding a tear would sob over saying goodbye to someone she may not have even liked.

                  It's forcing to sympathize because if you shoot Kenny, you only get options like "I didn't want to do this", or "you'll be in a better place". Kenny even apologizes for what he did, just to make absolutely sure players would feel guilty about killing him. Even if you agree with Jane, the game paints the decision like "I feel so bad for Kenny, and that he became nuts. I wish I could've done something for him..."

                  Whether your Clem agreed with him or not, it was the third time he was risking his life so she could be safe. First with helping Christa / staying with Ben so Lee could save her

                  I was responding to this regarding Ben. No, Kenny trying to help Ben didn't make Clem safe in any way.

      • Seriously? You don't see how a child who isn't even a teen yet having a child put on her and losing the one person left in her life that she knows would cause her to break down? ..... That's your argument?... Really??.... Really??

        • My argument is that the game assumes that the player likes Kenny, even if they don't. It's not hard to understand.

          Besides, Clem was nowhere near as upset when Omid and Christa were taken from her, even though she was with them far longer and presumably bonded with them far more than she did with Kenny. Pretty out of character for Clem to suddenly cry over Kenny saying bye to her when she didn't shed a tear for Omid and Christa presumably dying.

          I'm criticising the writing, not Kenny.

          • She also cried when Kenny told her to stay at Wellington and leave him. I don't see much reason for Clem, psychopath or not, to cry in that situation .It's so transparently obvious the writing was specifically tailored to people who sympathized with Kenny, and no one else.

            That scene your bitching about, where Clem is crying when Kenny has her stay at Wellington alone with a newborn makes perfect sense. Even if she is with Kenny just because she choose not to take action and thereby allowed Kenny to win the fight, and she couldn't kill him afterwards it still makes sense. Clem crying has nothing to do with how WE feel, but how SHE feels as a character in that scene.

            She's a young girl not even a teenager yet who has been given the responsibility of raising a newborn baby by herself in a community she knows nothing about nor does she know anyone in it. Meanwhile the last person she knows and he last person that she has known the longest is abandoning her there. I'd be shocked if that wouldn't cause an 11 year old to break down. I'm damn near 30 and if I was in the situation I'd be emotional as hell about it myself.

            For all she knows she could find out that place is run by a guy like the Governor. She has no idea what she's getting into. All she knows is their are big walls, and they aren't taking people in.

            The only way that scene would be horribly written is if Clem wasn't crying, and upset.

            • That's the thing. Telltale goes on and on about how this is OUR Clementine. We choose what kind of person she becomes, the bonds she makes, what path she'll take. And that's great and all, except no Clementine ever is allowed to not sympathize with Kenny. Clem was given the choice to either support Nick or let him die. She was given the choice to save Sarah or let her die. She was given the choice to forgive Bonnie or not. She was not given a choice whether to like Kenny or not. I'll point out that even if you tell Kenny that him ranting at Clem hurt her, she indeterminately forgives him immediately afterwards. Okay, so I'm forced to forgive Kenny, but not Bonnie?

              The way the scene was written didn't take in to account players who didn't feel secure with Kenny, or players that disliked Kenny but still wanted to go to Wellington, or players that simply just didn't give a damn about Kenny. And we've seen before that Clem has been in much worse situations like getting separated from Christa, or from Kenny and Jane during the blizzard, and she didn't just burst into tears. It was badly written because nothing in the game beforehand portrayed Clem as the type of kid to burst into tears whenever the going gets tough, and her saying bye to Kenny certainly wasn't the worst thing she's been through, not by a long shot.

              • I don't know what to tell you. She is literally being thrust into a situation where she has no power, few options, and the duty to be the main paternal figure to a child. She has no weapon, she has no connections to the area, she doesn't know anything about the people there, she has been burdened with the responsibility of raising a new born, and the last person that she's known for a decent amount of time that she knows for a fact is alive, is leaving her. If you can't see how that would cause the character of an 11 year old girl even a strong one like Clem who just had been shot, to break down then we don't see the world the same.

                This isn't about YOU, this is about the story, and in that situation Clem reacted believably for her character. At that point even if you are playing Clem as someone who simply isn't strong enough to stand up to people (and thereby let the fight go on to the end where Kenny kills Jane, and who isn't strong enough to kill Kenny after that fact and allowed him to decided what happens to her) then there is nothing odd about her reaction. It's not "forced" in the lest. Your simply wrong about that scenario, and if you stepped back a bit away from your "I hate Kenny" mindset and looked at it the way a writer would I believe you'd see that.

                • First of all, I don't even hate Kenny, I hate how the writers used him this season.

                  Second of all, it's clear that Clem is canonically someone who doesn't cry no matter how powerless or scared she is in an unfamiliar situation. Remember after she was separated from Christa? She had no weapons, no food, no connections, no people she knew, the last person she knew was alive had been taken from her, and yet she didn't burst into tears there. Or how about when she was alone in the herd? No food, no friends, she had just potentially killed Sarita, and yet she didn't cry there. She was in a much worse situation there than in the Wellington ending.

                  You claim that it's in character for Clem to cry in the Wellington ending because she's a person who cried when in powerless and unfamiliar situations, exept the game has shown numerous times that she's been in much worse situations and she didn't burst into tears. Her crying there was not believable based on her previous behavior.

                  You also claim that Clem not shooting Kenny is the same as playing her as someone who isn't strong. Okay, so Clem couldn't have not shot Kenny simply because she was loyal to him? Or because she didn't trust Jane? Why does that choice have to mean that Clem was weak?

      • Well a Kenny hater wouldn't get this ending as they would have chosen to either go with Jane or leave alone.

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