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There Are No Denny's in Eastern Canada: A Comic-Like Substance by John Marshall

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Sometimes I miss Denny's. Then I remember there's no Tim Horton's in the US, and I feel better inside. [>:)]

Voting for my comics is an experience that is quite similar to and just as satisfying as a Double-Double.
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    Squinky Telltale Alumni
    Actually, there is at least one Tim Horton's in the US. I saw one somewhere last summer whilst on a road trip from Boston to New York. Sadly, the power had gone out in said Tim Horton's an hour before I arrived there, meaning I wasn't able to purchase an iced cappucino.
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    There are also Denny's in Canada, but I must go far and wide to find them, as you would to find a Timmy's in Yankeeland.

    I just noticed that in the second panel, I accidentally called Max "Sam". Please hit me.
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