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My situation... EP5 ending spoilers

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When Kenny was over Jane with that Knife... I didn't want yet another friend to die, I felt awful when she yelled for my help as the knife was going into her chest, I felt like I was letting Jane die and she wouldn't die If i did something about it.. It didn't help that they painted Kenny in that way that made him look phsycho and evil.. no hat and his bloody eye looking nuts... I kind of agreed in a way that Jane tried to show me how unstable Kenny was... But in another way I hated her for putting me in that position

So I shot Kenny and told him he would be with his family.. Then the episode finished and the guilt and depression hit and I rewinded and let Kenny kill Jane and liked the wellington ending much more...

I dont know if what I did was right.

  • I preferred what you original did, IMO kenny had to go, insane, loose cannon

  • I thought the Wellington ending was much more emotional than Jane's ending with going back to Howe's. It made me feel really distraught and just empty that the season was over and Kenny just had to leave the baby and Clem whom he cared about, probably the baby more than Clem, but regardless. He cared deeply about them I felt,especially with what he said at the ending. I thought Kenny's ending was much better because overall I think Lee would have thought it was best and Christa, obviously, wanted Clementine to make it to Wellington, they thought that was best for her, and Kenny did too in the end. Just so that they would be okay and would live a good life. Did not feel that emotional with Jane's ending.

  • My original ending was walking away from Jane after being tricked into killing Kenny. I hated that ending. The one thing I wanted most of all, the one thing I really want for Clem was safety. So I went back and copied the file, keeping the "original" ending in case Season 3 clears things up. Knowing what Jane did, I let her die. When I saw the Wellington ending, and taking the option to stay, I knew my wish would be granted. Although we still don't know what society Wellington is made up of, at least Clem is safe.

    With the Wellington ending, I am happy for Clem, and I would be just fine not seeing her at all in Season 3. As long as I know she's safe and alive, that's all I care about.

    • Yea, At least Kenny will know that Clem and the baby are safe in wellington and he is at peace as he leaves Clem knowing he did something right . I felt that going with Kenny would not be what Lee and Kenny wanted for Clem, for her to be safe. I didn't want to endanger Clem or Kenny any further.

      • Though I also felt like there was a point to the episode that Clem do what she wanted (was it Bonnie who said that when she was smoking?)

        Overall I think Telltale gave us some good options with both Jane and Kenny (or alone)

  • I never use rewind when I know one of the outcomes, I only ever used it with Sarita since I was convinced that chopping her arm off would just make it worse... and it did.

    • I thought the Jane ending was the only ending I could get.. I thought that If I looked away Jane would kill Kenny. When I found out Kenny can live I was like "you serious.. the fuck"

  • I shot Kenny and told him he'd be with his family again, and I told jane that I wasn't going anywhere with her so now it's me and Alvin jr. I thought Kenny would die no matter what but I see people saying he can live and I'm thinking about changing it, but then again is that really what's best for Clem and the baby?

  • You know what?

    If you asked me that any other time, i would've said keep your original save. But i'm probably going to do the same thing. Jane's ending made me feel empty, i killed my friend and now i'm living in a bloody place with strangers.

    Kenny's ending feels like a more heartwarming end. Especially the one where Clem stays in Wellington.

  • Haha I did the exact same. Couldnt stand it and I rewinded the episode and finished with kenny and me together trying to survive (and the baby of course) some months till Wellington could accept more people.

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