F*** everyone am I right?

Like obviously fuck Arvo because I stood up for that shitbird every fucking time and then he shoots me JESUS CHRIST I flipped off the computer

But let's get real guys. EVERYONE (besides the valiant Luke obviously) FUCKING SUCKED in this episode. Bitches wouldn't stop arguing and fighting and throwing punches and it was like really I'M ELEVEN.

Mike and Bonnie sucked for trying to abandon Clem, obviously.

Do not even get me started about Kenny and Jane because those fucks just kept arguing in the car even though I kept being like "chill out" and it was like WHY WOULD THEY ARGUE ANYWAY and then Kenny has to go Street Fighter on Jane and she's not necessarily being a peacekeeper or anything FUCKING CHRIST

Like fuck everyone. Clementine cannot trust ANYONE to be a normal adult and take care of her so I guess it's up to her alone now. That's what this season (especially this episode) taught me.


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    Eh, staying with Luke, Bonnie, Mike, and Jane would've been the best outcome for Clem. They were all getting along perfectly fine until Kenny tore them apart.

  • That's why I got the "alone" ending. My Clem may not be happy, but she's safe from all those fucks now...

  • Man, there was a line from Bonnie where she told Clem something like, 'You think because you're a cute little girl you can just do nothing and get people killed and it will be okay'(paraphrasing, don't remember exact quote) and I was like "Oh no, FUCK. YOU. Bitch" Every episode this season was "Clem, do everything!" and she goes full cunt on me because I thought Luke could roll to his right.

  • Yeah, it was Kenny and Sarita all over again. At least Bonnie is super nice to Clem if she tried to help Luke, while Kenny blew up at her no matter what she did.

  • Too bad Luke died because I would've gone with him in a heartbeat.

    I understand why Mike and Bonnie left. I wasn't pissed off about them planning to leave. What i was mad about was that they tried to steal our supplies and the truck. We have a baby to look after, come on. Mike just ditched me after Arvo shot me. Bonnie seemed sympathetic and worried, yet she ends up running off anyways.

    Kenny and Jane were digging real low when it came to their attacks. They both tell each other that nobody loves/cares about them. I was like, "chill out. It's not the best time to argue."

  • I agree that Mike and Bonnie weren't wrong for leaving, but yeah they tried to take all the supplies and the baby needed them jesus christ. ALSO WHY WOULD THEY LEAVE WITH ARVO AFTER THAT FUCKER SHOT ME I MEAN I GAVE THE GUN TO MIKE.

    I heard that Bonnie leaves you and Mike tries to stay if you DIDN'T try to save Luke btw. Interesting.

  • clementine can trust Kenny to look after her and he proved it by getting her to wellington

  • I just wish Luke teamed up with Christa. I would leave with them and AJ and not even look back.

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    Yeah, after season one Clementine ending up alone was the saddest thing imaginable to me.

    Season two completely changed my mind.

  • Yeah but Clem can't trust Kenny to listen to her or calmly discuss anything with anyone. He's "my way or the highway" to a fatal flaw.

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