Stuck with Kenny.

I refused to side against Kenny.
Kenny, even though he had some very serious issues, which were completely understandable given all the trauma he had suffered, I knew I could always count on him.
And after the fight with Jane, and finding that she was lying her ass off, I was so glad that I let Kenny finish her.

For what she tried to do, I saw Jane as nothing but manipulative, disrespectful, and antagonistic.
In the the truck, the way she insulted Kenny's family, and questioning Kenny as a husband and father, things she knew nothing about, showed me what she really was.
Kenny was right about Jane.

And when Kenny and Clementine finally made it to Wellington, I refused to abandon him when the woman said the place was full.
The way I figured it: "Either we enter Wellington together, or not at all."
So I stuck with Kenny, no matter what.


  • I agree. I had lost a significant amount of interest in Kenny, but the whole thing with Jane changed my mind completely. I never liked Jane, and how she was acting toward Kenny made me become Team Kenny 100% again.

  • Yepyap, I ended the game allongside Kenny too.

  • this is how i felt about the situation

    Alt text

    i think this is what lee and kenny really wanted

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    Please... Lee would've put a bullet in Kenny's head A LONG TIME AGO. Simply because his past actions has put Clementine in the face of danger.

  • Kenny redeemed himself in the end. To me, it was obvious that everything Kenny did, was because he was trying his best to protect the ones around him/the ones he loved. Not everything he did was right, but in my eyes, Kenny has always wanted to protect his kin. :)

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    How she spoke about Kenny, saying he was monster towards Katja and Duck, that was so out of line.
    She did not have a goddamn clue what she was talking about!

    Jane had no respect for anyone.
    That fact was obvious!

    I hate disrespectful people.
    I never want to be like them.
    And it's why I always strive to treat people with respect.
    Not saying I do it perfectly all the time, but I still keep striving to do so.

  • None of the shit Clem went through would have happened if Lee was alive.

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    I agree.
    Lee would have had the age, and maturity, to put Jane in her place when she was verbally abusing Kenny in the truck.
    I know, as Lee, I would've done so.

    However, even if something had been said, it wouldn't have mattered.
    The reason I say that is, if people do not respect others, then it doesn't matter what you say to them cause their not going to listen.
    And Jane was one of those people!

    Respect, is such a valuable, priceless quality to have.
    Showing respect for others, will carry you a long way in life.
    And if you want others to respect you, then your action, first of all, need to be respectable.
    Second: You need to show respect for the thoughts and feelings of others, by speaking and acting in ways that spare their feelings.

  • At least Kenny admitted his flaws, Jane was a borderline psycho who was willing to push a man over the edge just to keep Clem for herself. I can never justify the reasoning in Jane's last actions no matter how much people try to defend her.

  • Amen!
    Couldn't have said it better myself.

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