Arvo should be the main character in season 3

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I want to see the world in his perspective. Why he is an asshole and why he wants to kill everybody. It would be cool to see him with his group before they got killed as well. It would be cooler if they only speak Russian and English translation is subtitled below. I would like to see Arvo explain if he really is a drug addict or not as well. Maybe even teach Mike some Russian. Sounds exciting already, can't wait to play it.


  • I mean it's not a bad idea, I just really hate his voice tbh...

  • Maybe no?

  • I agree.we'll have many choices!

    (>speak russian<)(>speak russian<)(>speak russian<)(...)

    Great choices right there!

  • if i could downvote OP i hate in eyes

  • Only thing I want to see Arvo do is come across Kenny in a barn full of salt lick's

  • At least when people say they want Christa or Kenny as protagonists i can understand....But Arvo?

  • Or we get the choices in English but he'll speak it in Russian. And I think that part with his group should only be a part of season 3, not the whole thing. Obviously with Mike and Bonnie we'll get english language back.

  • But guys this is a great idea. We might like him from his perspective.

  • I do not want Arvo to be the main character, because he turned out to be a real asshole.

    Two reasons, one of which is him setting the group up for a trap and seeming pretty happy about it until the group fights back. He does this regardless of how Clementine treats him.

    The other reason is....something from episode 5 so I won't spoil it in a thread that doesn't have a spoiler tag just to be safe, but anyone who has played the episode surely understands....

    I don't want to play as him because he's a douche. Not even a badass douche. Just a really annoying asshole.

  • His perspective of what? Being a coward? When you first come across him he points a gun at a little girl, the last you see him he points a gun at a little girl. The guy is a piece of shit and why the writers thought it believable that members of the group would pack up and leave with him is stupid.

  • No! Cuz if I played as Arvo I would spend most of my time looking for ways to get him killed cuz I hate that kid >:(

  • Clementine dislikes this post.

  • You guys are so fucking rude. I just stated my opinion. At least state yours if you disagree.

  • I wouldn't like to play as Arvo. Not after all the things he's done despite treating him well. In my game I didn't rob him and tried to be nice to him. Despite of that, he set up a trap for the group.

    Later, while being a "prisoner", although I was really pissed at him, I tried to talk to him and nothing, and even stoped Kenny beating him, and for what? Shooting Clem? Are you kidding me?

    I understand he could've shot Kenny, but Clem? After all the good things she'd done?

    I wouldn't like playing as Arvo, neither I like his voice =P I would try to kill him, or get the worse possible things happen to him.

  • He points a gun at a stranger, just as the cabin group were willing to let a little girl die just because she had a strange bite on her arm.

  • He seemed pretty worried before the fight began, struggling to keep things calm when the baby started crying.

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    I want him in s3 but not as protagonist, and the finale did not do a good job with him at all honestly, we should have had more chances to talk to him but most revolved around just trying to stop Kenny from beating him and then he ends up shooting Clementine. Even if she is nice to him. Which is really disappointing. (There are reasons as to why he would have done it, for example some say paranoia got the best of him but it is still, at least from Clem's perspective I assume, unforgivable.) I know he's still pissed over his sister dying but she was a walker and if Clementine didn't shoot her then she could have ended up biting Arvo even.

    Realistically if s3 revolves around Clementine I doubt she'd forgive Arvo. (Or Bonnie and Mike.) I wanted Clem to go off with the three of them (baby or no baby) instead of having to choose between Jane or Kenny. (Or just being alone.) I've played the one where I save Kenny and he drops us off at Wellington and yeah that was emotional but my first choice would have been running away with Bonnie/Mike/Arvo.

    I wouldn't mind season 3 having them in it, since it seems Clementine's arc has ended, or so everyone is saying. But if Clem is to go on as protagonist, meeting any three of them would not go well in canon or with the fans, because a lot of people seem to hate them, especially Arvo for the obvious reason being that he fucking shot Clem.

  • I hope there's an option to kill myself in the first few minutes because nobody shoots Clementine and gets away with it.

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