• Even though i didn't take this choice I think this line is my favorite

    "Do it... Just do it"

    • It was such a short line. It was played pretty straight, so there isn't any surface emotion when Kenny said it, but there was a ton of emotion underneath what Kenny said. This line got me too.

  • Totally agreed, Gavin was brilliant. He sold the emotion so well that I spent half of this episode with a lump in my throat the size of a baseball.

  • I got this ending on my main play through.

    "I'm real glad to have met you, Clementine."

    I died inside.

  • This is why he is our savior.

  • Agree! I went with Kenny on my main, but on my 2nd playthrough Clem stayed in Wellington and seriously, I was tearing up and the emotion in Kennys voice was heartbreaking :( Will definitely not be making that choice again in any future playthroughs.

  • When he said: "Take the kids," I cried a little inside because I would have wanted to do the same if I was in his shoes.

    Playing Season 1 would never be the same again. Knowing what I know, that Kenny would maroon himself in the cold for Clem and AJ's safety.

    You look after the kids. That's what a real man does.

    • I think his experience of being broken down to his lowest low has actually cleared his mind after his "breaking". I think a more brash and confident Kenny would have said "Screw you! Take your supplies and shove it up yours! I can take of them myself!" But this Kenny is so broken down, he KNOWS. He's BROKEN. Any situation that looks better than being with him is any situation he will accept. A brash and confident Kenny would have not accepted this, I think.

  • Since season one, I basically never side with Kenny and telltale always makes me regret it.

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