Can't stop thinking about this game

It's happens almost every time after each episode but now it's much stronger when you realized that story about Clem is probably finished and you will never see them again. I was so connected to characters, especially Lee and Clem, and it will be hard to me if we start totally different story with new peoples on the foreground. The same happens after TWD1, damn, I cried like a little baby at the ending. I was afraid that TWD2 wouldn't be so good like TWD1 so I didn't play it ... until when my friend recommended me it.


  • I was actually really happy with the ending I have chosen. I think it offered a hopeful future.

    And I know how you feel, I'm like obsessed with it for the next few days.

  • I'll be thinking about Clem and Kenny for the next few days, that's for sure. Not only that, but the RV scene with Lee will probably be replaying in my head for weeks. It's been choking me up all afternoon.

  • Same here, going to be stalking the forums for many weeks to come, sharing our thoughts, opinions and theories. And ofcourse the religion of Gavin.

  • Absolutely. I was this way back when I finished Season 1. Nothing's changed here...

  • Blessed art thou who bathes in the light of Gavin.

    May you all be touched by his raggedly beard.

  • Our Gavin, who art in heaven, badass be thy name.

  • I am feeling this way too. Don't fight the thoughts, but slowly get used to it and you will feel better.

  • Blessed art thou who bathe in the light of Gavin. May you all be touched by his raggedly beard.

    As it is written in Kenneth 1.05: "You don't just give up. you stick it out and help the folks you care about" .... and it was so.

  • What ending you choose? My was stupid - I killed Kenny for no fu*king reason, and I went with Jane on south to Carver camp. I should listen to Kenny, he was much better person than Jane, even if he started to being really annoying sometimes, he helps Clem a lot, but I killed him :<

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