• For the first one, I actually let the timer run out. When it said "Shoot Kenny" or "Look away", I thought both options were to shoot Kenny except one wasn't to make Clem watch. I was like "Wait no, I don't want to shoot Kenny. Fuck this, I'm letting the timer run out". I ended up seeing Kenny stab Jane in the chest.

    For the second, my favorite is the one where you and Kenny go to Wellington. It doesn't matter which decision you pick after that. just the fact that you and Kenny make it to that point is good enough. It's great! Sadly, all the LP's I have been seeing on YT so far, most of them aren't getting this ending ;-;

    I would like to see their reactions to it.

  • I shot Kenny, he was losing his mind. I also like the Jane ending and letting the family in

  • Gonna have to vote with my original choices on my first play through. No point in playing this game if you go back on your first choices, regardless if you regret them or not. I just happened to really like the ending I got.

    *I stayed at Wellington

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    HiroVoid Moderator

    Shot Kenny (Favorite character though) and let the family in. Still, after getting the other endings, I'd say the one where Clementine goes to Wellington's probably the best. Thematically, its good closure to Clem's, Kenny's, and Lee's story arc of wanting to get Clem somewhere where she'd be safe. Especially a good ending if this really is the last one with Clem as a protagonist.

    Btw, wonder how many people are just gonna vote for the ending they got instead of watching the other endings? XP

  • At first I shot Kenny told him he'd be with his family again, I didn't like Jane's character anymore after she confessed to lying about the baby's death to make Kenny go off and attack her to show Clem he's dangerous so I told her I wasn't going anywhere with her and left with the baby, however I wasn't happy with that ending and I guess I needed more closure with Kenny (yes I'm a Kenny fan) so I rewinded it and this time looked away and Kenny killed Jane. Then the three of us made it to Wellington and after the woman said there wasn't enough room and Kenny convinced her to ask if they would take just Clem and Alvin, the two of them stayed at Wellington and Kenny went off on his own. It's a bittersweet ending but I do like it a lot better than having to shoot Kenny.

  • I chose to save Jane and forgive her and let the family in.

    I personally never liked Kenny that much in season 1 always that he was a d#$k head who only ever made things worse. And I didn't understand or like in season 2 that apparently Kenny and Clem all of a sudden had this tight relationship. If they did someone correct me because I don't remember that in season 1.

    I chose to save Jane because she was my favorite character of this season and I forgave her for the same reason.

  • This is the first time I ever changed my ending choice in TWD, and while I like both of them Im not a superfan of either but honestly was leaning towards jane....but after what went down with jane and the baby I HAD to side with Kenny, and I went back and got the Wellington ending where Clem stays and says goodbye to Kenny. While my gut said to stay we both knew he was a ticking time bomb and the best thing for Clem and AJ would be to go before it was too late and one of us did something we would regret (in my case again)

  • I let Kenny kill Jane and then I went with him to Wellington.

    The hardest decision of the series was to either stay at or leave Wellington. As much as I ranted about Kenny before this episode came out, he does make me nostalgic for season one. He was crazy and unstable, but I considered him family in a way. I also did not want Clementine to be alone - especially after there was no hope of Luke coming back.

    However, I did decide to stay in Wellington. It was so hard but I had to. It would mean Luke and everyone else's deaths would be vain if I just walked away from possibly the only safe place left for the baby after everything they went through. I'm sorry Kenny. I wish you could have gone in with us. To be honest, I'm still questioning my choice. It made me emotional and it was hard to watch Kenny walk off alone.

  • The Kenny/Jane choice just messed me up. Part of me was telling, that Kenny was my favourite character and I'm loyal to the end. My other part told me, that it isn't Kenny anymore, and he could be with his family again. After 5 minutes of thinking, I chose to kill Kenny. Then it turns out that the baby is alive. I wanted to shot Jane right in the head, for making Kenny die. Then she made a point: Kenny really was insane. Then I couldn't forgive her, but it was better for Clem to go with her. And I'm thinking about rewinding, but going with Kenny is not easy either. Congratulations Telltale, for the good writing and for making me depressed. And for making the choices matter.

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