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Telltale betrayed its customers

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Hi guys.

I know there are a lot of fanboys out there and thats okay to me. But lets not forget what duty Telltale should have. They should entertain us. I am sure they wanted to create "arts," but this gone too far. I felt the Deadline behind this whole concept. Dont you did?
Walking dead is no Utopia for starry-eyed idealists but this have gone to far. Walking dead in my Imagination was all about humanity and telltale failed to delivered it. I had Zero fun playin Episode 4 and 5. I knew what telltale is up to and I knew into which direction they are draggin´ us. But still I feel used, kinda.
If you are a Gaming Company and if you want to tell a Story dont Forget 4 who you´re doin it. Dont Forget that Money not least forever. I 4 myself wont buy a new game from Telltale. They really overstated their draft.

Dont you have anything to say about that dirty ending you spat at us? You want to earn our Money so badly and you made no promises about that. But you have not deserved our further acknoledgement. From here you are at your own, in my opinion and if this community have left any ethics they will stop to bribe you for bad results.

This goddam Piece of rushed Deadline Episode. YOU LOST IT TELLTALE!. To me..

  • This episode was amazing. I don't see why you're complaining without giving any sort of reasoning or examples.

  • If you dont feel dirty about it, then ist your choice you settled.

  • i felt episode 4 and 5 were better paced then 3 atlest beacuse that one really felt rushed.

  • Episode 5 Was An Emotion Rollercoster Props To Telltale. (^_^) In The Words Of Homer Simpson Wooohooo LOL

  • i think some telltales customers are confused as to what the walking dead is about, i get the impression you wanted a story about being altruistic and noble in the zombie apocalypse, but i think the fun of the walking dead is about putting you in situations where you can't be noble and altruistic no matter what your intentions are.

    the walking dead game isn't about you being a hero and a paragon of virtue righting the wrongs of the universe, it's about being in situations where no matter what you do it is wrong, you just have to choose which wrong you can live with

  • This just matters to Keep me entertained and I wasnt. If they´re completed the Job for you in an execelnt condition, then be happy with it. I feel the Deadline behind things. I feel the urgency about beeing done with Walking dead 2, to be ready for new Projects and I dont like the way they reach their Goals. Walking dead is about to Keep us entertained and fanboys may compose rave Reviews cuz of it, but my voice gotta 2 be heard too.

  • You can not like the content all you want, but to outright state that they "betrayed" you is merely your sense of entitlement. They are constantly improving their technique (just look at Wolf Among Us) and a second season in a very highly acclaimed (both critically and commercially) series is all about trying to meet hype standards while still maintaining some creative dignity. Its not an easy balance, and they aren't going to please everybody. Hell, I'll be right there to say that this second season wasn't perfect. But they didn't betray me. They don't owe me (or you) a thing, I am merely a purveyor of the brand of storytelling they are constantly trying to master, and if anything else, stumble as they might here and there, I think their effort ultimately shines through, and I can't wait until they apply what they learn from their next up and coming projects, what mistakes and successes season 2 of Walking Dead taught them, and really make season 3 something special. If anything, it'll be something to talk about, rather than just offhand dismiss because we're butthurt and don't know the proper way to express ourselves.

  • Thank you Lucazzy. Thats really Kind.

    And to Icepick. Maybe they do not own anything 2 us in your opinion. And maybe you dont felt empty after playing this Episode, allright. But not to me.

    No I am clear about that, Mastah. I wont buy another game of them. This went to far to me. I am over 30 years old now and maybe I am outa range of the audiance now, but this has droven me very mad. Some People r comsuming everything no matter the Limits. But I have mine.

  • To be honest this is the first time, I felt that way of beeing dirty and used. And I was a gamer since my early days. But hey, maybe times had changed that much.

  • i think the depressing atmosphere helped episode 5 become my favorite episode of the season. after 3 episodes of not knowing what to do with the plot episode 4 sets up the major conflict of episode 5 and expanded jane;s and mike's characters for good measure and made me like them alot.

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