• Nope, in this episode we had interactions with the group (when they stopped for the night), hubs (both when they stopped for the night and at the russians safehouse), and I might have to disagree with you, because I thought both Kenny endings were as good as the dream.

    • As a veteran as old TTG games my definition of a hub is not a small environment with 4 or 5 bubble interactions.

      In season one episode one alone we were able to explore Hershel's farm, clementines house, the drug store, and clearing the motor lodge. Those are hubs and interactions with the group. Sitting around the camp fire was nice but incredibly short.

      Look the episode was one of the better season 2 episodes but it did not come close to the seasons 1 ending.

  • The latest episode was AMAZING, of course the best part was the throwback to S1, we loved S1.

  • i think the whole episode was great it was an emotional rollercoster

  • I don't know TellTaleGames. I just don't know. I can't believe I'm going to say this but I was expecting more. How of this entire season the

    No, please continue. That ending was far too abrupt.

    Unlike Season 2 of TWD, which had an incredible finale that ranks as my current favorite episode of the series.

  • After playing season 2 I have no desire to go back and replay it. Oddly I still have a burning desire to go back to play season 1.

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