So... No Clem in Season 3?

edited August 2014 in The Walking Dead

The many ends make me think maybe new characters in Season 3 .... According to you? I want a Season 3 with Clem, but it will be impossible... :(


  • It's possible that she can be in it, just not as the protagonist. Like, maybe we'll play as somebody new from Wellington or something and we will come across Clem's character in different episodes depending on what ending you got in Season 2. Like for example, if Clem stayed at Wellington, you would meet her in Episode 1. If Clem went to Howe's with Jane, you would meet her in Episode 2 while trying to make a run there, etc.

  • Possible protagonists are,hell,probably anyone.Christa,Lilly,Jane,Kenny,or anyone.Clem?Clem has done her point,although Clem's innocence can be taken as an advantage.I chose to go with Kenny and Alvie<3,which might link that we will have to survive the cold (I couldn't leave Kenny ;-;)

  • clem's story is done for now. execpt the alone ending i don't see how her story can continue.

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