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a computer problem

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I have had a problem that I would like to know if anyone else has experienced.

Shortly after starting to play CSI I noticed that my computer was slowing down. Even when I played other games like Freecell the mouse pointer would freeze up for up to a minute. When I went to shutdown the computer it would take forever - the worst was nearly an hour! The computer got slower and slower until it was a pain to use because the mouse was freezing up every few seconds.

I talked to a friend who offered the suggestion of getting rid of the last thing loaded on to the computer, so, even though I still had 1 game to go, I unloaded CSI. I then re-booted the machine and thought 'this hasn't worked' because it took 20 miniutes to shut down - but - since then I have not had any mouse freezes or slow runnning and it now does a shutdown in a few minutes as it used to.

Is this a coincisdence or was it something from the CSI game that caused it?
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  • I haven't heard about CSI causing this sort of problem (but thanks for letting us know!)

    Something that can cause this sort of thing all of a sudden is adware, spyware, or a virus on the computer. If you haven't already, do a scan with your virus protection and programs like AdAware to try to track down anything like that. You might also try defragging your hard drive and doing a disk check.

    Also, it could be that the hardware is going bad and installing CSI is a coincidence. I'm afraid I don't know enough about hardware and what happens when it fails to have any specific suggestions, but maybe someone else will recognize the symptoms...

    What are your computer's specs?
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    Hi Emily,
    Thanks for the reply. I did a virus scan and it found a couple of ad-wares on the pc. I was also getting an error message when it tried to shut down about ccApp.exe not responding. Investigation of the Mircosoft site led me to believe it was a problem with Norton Anti-virus, so I removed it. I now get messages about mmkeybrd.exe not having a disc in the drive, but at least this doesn’t stop it from doing a shutdown in a reasonable amount of time.

    It runs faster too. I haven’t as yet tried loading and play the game but that will be the next test I suppose.

    Maybe the game was clashing with something in Norton?
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