• Even though I really wanted everything to work out I really do prefer the lone survivor ending more. In a way all that happened was a message for Clementine to learn from. In the end Jane might have been right about Kenny, he was unstable and needed to be stopped, but then again I hated her for manipulating me and Kenny all so she could make that point clear, it was wrong and cruel and I didn't want to stay with her after that.

    In the end Clementine can hold out on her own, and in the end that's what she needed, everyone she knew or loved was dying or turning on each other, and Clementine needed to get out of it and make her own choices.

  • That's why Jane's ending with the family was my favourite; it fit the tone of The Walking Dead. It was ultimately hopeful, because Clem has the opportunity now to rebuild a community in the ruins of Howes, and still somewhat ambiguous because she doesn't know if she was right to trust in humanity and let the strangers in. Not comically perfect and unambiguously "good" like the Wellington ending, and not as depressingly bleak as the Clem Alone ending.

    • I'd normally agree, but upon thinking about it, perhaps the lone ending is the best as bleak as it is. Or rejecting the family; I'm thinking this way because of remembering the kid's line to Clem, 'Cool hat'...and isn't that pretty much what the girl who shot Omid said as she was robbing Clem..?

      • Meh, I think the lone ending is just too bleak, even for the Walking Dead. Especially for Telltale's The Walking Dead, since the first season ended on an ambiguous but ultimately hopeful ending since even though Clem's future was uncertain, Lee succeeded in saving her.

        I think Michelle said "Where'd you get that hat?". I dunno, considering how disjointed this season was, I doubt the kid mentioning the hat was a reference to Michelle.

        • Clementine survives in that ending and the implication is that she may be a better maternal figure to AJ than the last two psychos she rejected. I personally like to think that it doesn't mean she's given up on humanity entirely simply because Jane and Kenny were crazy - but the warm location she's in seems to indicate that she's gone back down South again. Possibly back home.

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  • Kenny's endings were so much better than Jane's. I hope that Clem can be either a cold hearted warrior, or a optimistic person depending on your choices, if you went with Ken and is nice to people she is nice, if you go with Jane and deny the family you are cold. If you let the family in with Jane, then she is nice.

  • I agree it actually makes more sense to go with Kenny's ending. Going back to Carver's place doesn't seem smart at all. Being alone seems dangerous with a baby.

  • Clem's been through enough, let it be an happy ending for once.

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