• Crane was a sleaze, but he was no murderer. He was also desperately trying to use the ring to prove his innocence even when he didn't know Snow/Bigby were there.

    Snow didn't come with Bigby in 4 and 5 because she was now acting-Mayor of Fabletown and had to hold down the fort.

    Snow and Bluebeard had an appointment, just like everybody else in the line did, thus the "You're late." line.

  • but did you realize that bluebeard was never that polite to snow?
    By the way is being mayor more important than finding the crooked man which all the crimes come from him?

  • yeah I know he wasn't nice to anyone I agree but that scene in the last episode I thing he was polite and nice to snow

    • It's Bluebeard. The way he said it sounded more sarcastic to me. Bluebeard usually keeps up an air of 'politeness' around authority, though it doesn't take much for it to crack. There's also his "I wouldn't blame Bigby" talk, which starts off sounding like he's defending him, but really it's just another snide comment at his expense.

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