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  • The game never crashed, the sound never bugged, and someone even had even managed to get the Wireless xbox 360 controller working.

    I did notice a couple of cut-scenes playing in an odd order though. E.g. if you solve a puzzle too early, or if you approach people from an odd angle.

    But they're minor; I thought the game was pretty solid ^_^;;
  • In the scene where wallace is on the phone... you can click the callbox above him and wallace he buzzes the breakfast button and calls out like he is still in the dining room ;)
  • By the way, if you get the umbrella bypassing the official riddle, as described in my post above, look over the fence when you play Gromit in chapter 3: Felicity's pet will be sitting in front of her door, while they are still sitting on Wallace's bed at the same time. Besides there is a "phantom Duncan" (not visible, but can be highlighted as an object) still waiting in the rain waiting to go to the beach. ;) (see picture attached)
  • NickTTG;124406 said:
    this is a crazy bug. have you tried reproducing it?
    I have just tried, but could not reproduce it yet. It's probably a certain combination / order of things you do in advance that triggers the bug.
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