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Ep 5 won't work on my computer, please help!

posted by yoshimickster on - last edited - Viewed by 207 users
It keeps saying this thing about how the DLL isn't working or something & it stops right while I'm starting up 8-bit is enough. All the other episodes work fine though, which I find quite strange.
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  • It would help to know which DLL is causing a problem, if it's saying so. Also needed are specs on your computer. Also, this post belongs in the support forum.

    I find when I have a dll error, I can go on google and search the full name for it (again, if it tells you which one) and grab a copy online and place it in the game folder. If the dll in question has something like d3d at first, it's most likely a directx thing, and you should check to see if it's up to date.
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