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The family that came to Howes (???!!!)

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The ginger guy looks really familiar, why(?) (character model re-used) (background character from somewhere?)

Also, the family, a ginger dude, half cast woman, and a black kid, Really??
I get in a ZA that people are mixed up and bond with strangers but,
That felt like telltale pandering to everybody, that cast of a 'family' was random as hell (!)

  • The family REALLY rubs me the wrong way.

  • Randy is white Carlos.

    And fuck that family, Jane and Claime need no one.

  • Actually I thought, the man is a bandit. And he just says that the kid and the women are his family but he just using them...he looked a little bit agressive, when teh women tryed to take his i thought he is evil xD

  • Its redhead Carlos, recolor Molly and baby Mike. Also like Carlos, Randy would say that they're a danger to the group.

  • I was like, Carlos is that you?

    Why are you white? Where did you the glasses, black kid that is your kid, random woman, and new clothes?

    Oh and we killed Sarah.

  • Randy uses Carlos model.

    Also it seems that every time a black character dies, telltale introduces a new one, even when it makes no sense (White parents black child?) Unless they are into cuckoldry I dont really see that happening

  • I struggled with this, but I'm glad I turned them away. I'm done with Clem being in big groups.. They haven't worked so far and I think it's time to take a different approach.

  • My question is why did they focus on the black kid so much after Clem told them to leave?

    • Because he's Duck incarnate :P

      • In all seriousness though, its because they wanted you to feel bad about turning them away

        • Or because maybe they actually were the real deal - a starving couple with an adopted kid? I don't see why people are so afraid of that guy having a gun and acting tough when we have no idea how long they've been out in the woods? You won't survive if you don't have a gun or have some resilience. Clem lasted 5 minutes on her own before needing Luke's help, and two women won't last long if they make enemies out of everyone they meet.

          In short, I don't even care if they were bandits - it's smarter to work with them than to make enemies of them, and it's more humane to save a child and a woman than it is to condemn them just because the man was acting macho.

    • Seeing that the PC hurt a child hits players hard in most cases. Children are meant to be looked at as innocent and people to protect no matter what. So by turning away his parents, you're turning him away and possibly sentencing him to death.

      I think it's also supposed to show you how far your Clementine has come. She starts off as this eight year old girl who cannot fathom not helping someone in need or abandoning them, and ends as someone who's first priority is her own safety.

  • I thought that guy looked like Mark from season 1 with red Kenny hair. They had a Manson family vibe to them there was no way I was letting them in.

  • I don't regret inviting them inside the warehouse. I kinda like that Clementine met someone around her age.

    • lol that kid's going to slit her throat while she sleeps for her hat.

      I genuinely pity the Non-Kenny Enders.

      • Ignore.

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          I loved my ending with Kenny, he made the ultimate sacrifice to keep Clem and AJ safe, what he told her was so sad ;____;

          • Sure, good ending but you shouldn't pity people who didn't do the exact same thing as you. I couldn't stand Kenny, his emotions were all over the place, angry, happy, sad, happy, angry.. Kenny, get over it! smh I've always wanted him dead, I was happy to see him in Season 2 but towards the end I realised why I didnt like him and said to myself.. he's dead the first chance I get.

            Either Kenny ending (Wellington, or stay with Kenny) reminds me of Joel from the Last of Us. Made me rethink my decision but I'm still happy I killed him. He always ruins things.

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              AWESOMEO BANNED

              Did I say I pity people? -_-

              That's really BS, he's the best guardian for Clem, he saved her and AJ and all his intentions were right, I expanded on it on a thread I made on why you should give him more respect but I'm too lazy to find it, lol.

              • It was a reply to Lemoncakes:

                I genuinely pity the Non-Kenny Enders.

                Both options are valid though, I have 5 saves with each ending just to see where Season 3 goes, if it does actually follow on with Clem. They all were the best guardian for Clem imo. Mike and Bonnie would've been fine, Luke if they left in the option to save him or even Jane, Jane actually taught her some new tricks.. all Kenny does is bitch about something and cause everyone to get killed. He doesn't care. He only ever cared in the last few seconds after you made the decision.

                • Atleast clem and Kenny and Clem knows each other. jane I don't trust she does stuff that gets groups killed. Example she tried to let clem leave that 1 little girl. hid the baby and say AJ was dead. which pissed off Kenny cuz he doesn't want AJ to die.

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                  AWESOMEO BANNED

                  I'm too fucking tired arguing with people who hate Kenny like this... Think what you want, fact remains that Kenny was the best caretaker for Clem and got her into Wellington, because his love for the kids is unconditional.

                  • I agree Kenny is better than any 1 in the game he cared for clem wen carver found out some radios were missing. Kenny took the blame. im gonna play some more walking dead and let jane die.

                  • @AWESOMEO: But Kenny only cared that one time, just the once.. right after the choice to not kill him. He's not the best caretaker at all.. that one good thing at the end doesnt negate anything else he's done in the past. Jane did what? Tell you to leave Sarah behind? So what? She clearly wanted to stay behind, she had given up and died later anyway. Kenny was the cause of many many deaths in the game, and he did nothing but cry about shit that wasnt even important. He did everything for himself, he took AJ from Rebecca and wouldn't give him back simply because for a second he thought the kid was his. He's Rick during his crazy phase, on his way to become Carver.

                    Kenny gave you up to Wellington because he knew he wasnt fit to be your guardian, he even says so "I'm sorry for all the shit I've put you through" (near enough) So him being aware he's unfit makes him fit? Nah. Jane isn't actually that great either, but she seems to actually care for Clem.

                    It's all opinions though, I chose all 5 endings, your one choice isnt the "right" choice.. they're all the right choice. My Clem isn't your Clem.

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                      AWESOMEO BANNED

                      As I said, I said my case stens of times throughout the forum, I'm not going to write a scroll again, if you want to hear as of why it's that way, there's a thread I made about it, I'm tired right now to talk about it a lot..

                      But no, he always cared about Clem, he sacrificed his place in Wellington for the kids, he left her at Wellington because he was aware that he was losing his sanity, he's the best caretaker Clem ever had the luck to have.

                      As he said (and I quote), he looked over the children, that's what a real man does.

                      • He sacrificed his place? He didn't even have a place, he just pleaded for them to have one, thats it. But thats one "good" choice in a whole sea of bad. A real man would do everything to protect his friends/group too, because their protection equals the kids protection. Plus he's no longer your guardian either, you turned your back on him and went to Wellington.

                        Like I said, it doesn't matter, people are entitled to their own opinions.. just because you believe your own opinion so much doesn't mean it's the right one, it doesnt mean its the wrong one either.. but why would you try force it onto people? Thats what Christians do. I'm not forcing you to take my side, I'm just showing you other opinions which I actually share. I've agreed that there was one or two "decent" choices he made, but theres too many that actually put the children in danger.

                        You can't know the future before making a choice, I made the choice to kill Kenny (OMG you bast***s! lol) because of past incidents with him, season one right from the first Quick Time Event right into the Jane vs. Kenny situation in season two.

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                          AWESOMEO BANNED

                          OMFG, I told you I don't want to start this, I won't answer, but no, he's never made a "sea of bad choices"... -_-

                          it doesnt mean its the wrong one either.. but why would you try force it onto people? Thats what Christians do. I'm not forcing you to take my side, I'm just showing you other opinions which I actually share. I've agreed that there was one or two "decent" choices he made, but theres too many that actually put the children in danger.

                          Didn't force you into anything, I said my opinion too, what I hate most is when people accuse me of things and compare me to religious people, I'm not like those people who force religions, nor do you have the evidence to base this statement upon, good sir.

                          I know he made bad decisions sometimes, but he's a broken man who's lost everything he treasured in his life twice, and he redeemed himself, I'm really tired to explain..

                          • I was under the impression you were saying "My opinions are the only opinions and you should believe them or you're stupid" reminded me of religion. My bad. I do understand what you're saying, entirely. I just feel differently about it.

                            Leaving Clem at Wellington isnt a redemption either really, it's easy to act like you've changed when you know you're not going to see them again, he wouldn't be able to keep it up. In fact, Clem is the best guardian for Kenny because he can't cope without her. Jane can't cope without her either, she even says so if you leave her behind. So its more of a bad choice accepting the Wellington offer if you care for Kenny.

                    • Jane makes the point about how Carver might've been a great person before everything happened. I know the Stranger (Season 1) and Lilly was, probably Crawford too. Kenny lost it and he only listened to you because you're his oldest, and probably only friend left in the world, he would've cared the same for Lee too if he were around. He would've pleaded with Wellington to let you stay with the baby.

                      Would you have loved Lilly if she was the one who gave Clem to Wellington? Probably. Doesn't make her any less of an ass :D

      • "I genuinely pity the Non-Kenny Enders"

        Why because we don't worship kenny? I put him down because it's what I would do in this situation

      • I ain't even mad. Take a like..

      • Remember, whoever touches her hat dies.

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