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Play 'Tales from the Borderlands' at PAX Prime

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The Telltale Games team is out at PAX Prime in Seattle... and tomorrow, for the first time outside of E3, we'll be showing a playable demo of Tales from the Borderlands!

Come visit us at booth #3017 and experience a little of this tale on the delightfully hospitable world of Pandora. Play the demo and get a free t-shirt! There are four designs to collect, one for each day of the show. Supplies are limited, so be sure to come and play early!

Tales from the Borderlands PAX t-shirts

Or just come by and say hello - we're ALWAYS excited to meet fans at PAX!

  • Can't wait! This looks like its going to be a great game

  • Dose anyone know the release date for this game? people were saying when the walking dead was over? do they mean series 3? ok well that's a long wait.

  • Neat! I want the Prosperity Junction T-Shirt... too bad I live super far from everything... lol =/

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