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Your Political Party

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What is your political party? and what is it like? I know in America you pretty much have to choose from the Republicans or Democrats as they are the only ones with power but here in Canada every party has a chance to have influence, as long as it does not violate rights. we also have some pretty crazy parties such as the Marijuana Party and the Lemon Party (yes we actually have a lemon party xD) but for myself I fall around the NDP (New Democratic Party) and the Communist Party, I'm all for free healthcare and I think everyone should be able to have a basic standard of living, I also think these parties can ensure the best quality of life for everyone and that nobody will get cheated out of all their money by some wall street assholes or some shit (#FuckWallStreet). What are your political ideologies? and what party do you associate yourself with?

  • For the last few years here in Australia it's been Liberal vs Labor. I'm with he Labor party since Abbott's fucked up almost everything. Look up any video on Tony Abbott and you'll see him get criticized.

  • I'm a dogged but deeply disillusioned Democrat. I'm about as far left as you can get on most social issues and in the middle when it comes to the economy. Fairly right wing on foreign policy, but that's more about overall worldview than political leanings.

    I disagree with a lot of the Democratic Party line though. I'm not naive enough to believe that a tax & spend nanny-state is feasible or desirable. Also, a lot of the Democrats in office right now are pussies who roll over for lobbyists and Wall-Street types.

  • No party whatsoever. Who needs a party when you can eat tacos and play a Sam and max game?

  • I personally have no party, I live in the US, so im independent. I have a hard time choosing one side since both do good and bad things, I rather decide each problem without needing to choose one side even if I disagree with it just because I have decided with them before. Like if one side promotes killing babies I will side against them but if that same side disagrees on killing puppies ill agree with them then. I wont go into a job in politics because of this but im fine with this.

  • I live in the U.S and I'm independent but usually lean towards the republican side more...

  • I'm an American and I don't have to worry about voting yet, but I don't like what either party has to say right now. They just need to pull their heads out of their asses and try to work together. But if I had to pick one, I'd go with republican.

  • One of the advantages of living in the apocalypse is not dealing with that shit no more

  • I hate political parties because they tear countries apart. And when you have just 2 mains ones like in America, it sucks. They both have stupid labels that go with them, but I've gone away from parties and go more towards ideology.

    I'm more independent with conservative values. Everyone assumes that I'm a racist, redneck homophobe for saying I'm conservative. But that's not accurate in the slightest. I try to be friends with everyone and listen to what people have to say, I have tons of liberal / democrat friends and as long as we stay off topic from politics we have fun with each other.

  • I think it's smart in the United States that they do not force people to vote who don't want to. In Australia it's mandatory, so you get a large number of people who either donkey vote or random vote, so I wonder at times how skewered our end results are.

    The mandatory voting attempts to force Australians into understanding the issues and how the voting system works but if you don't give a sht, you won't give a sht, so they should just wait and let people mature and choose to understand what they are really voting for rather than forcing the issue.

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