Arvo's English?

edited August 2014 in The Walking Dead

I guess having different writers changed this aspect about him. In episode 4 , he speaks almost perfect english, then a few seconds later , ep 5 happens. Suddenly , he isn't able to speak more than a few loose words, not being able to make a point or understand Kenny.

Then Buriko and Vitali (is that their name?) switch weapons.

Russians are weird like that.


  • Russian mindfucks...that's the answer...Russian.mind.fucks.

  • I feel it was worth it for this one exchange:

    Kenny: "What? 'No speaka de English?'"

    Arvo: "Fuck you."

    Arvo is a scumbag and I hate him, but that hard "Fuck you" is pure gold no matter what I think of the little bastard. Good one, Arvo.

  • Yeah, I definitely noticed that. Hell, everyone heard him speaking just fine in episode 4, but then they all seem resigned to the idea that he can't understand or doesn't speak much English, which is why I don't think the implication was Arvo doing an act or something. It's true that in times of great stress, people will often revert to their original language instinctively, so I don't know if that's the reasoning or if it's just another inconsistency.

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