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Which 4 Characters would be on your Zombie Apocalypse Team? **Added Poll**

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NOT A DEBATE NOT A FUCKING DEBATE PLEASE? I'm sick of all the fighting, lets just talk about characters we love and why, and stop trying to devalidate everyone elses opinions whom is different than ours!

I just wanted to reflect on all the peeps we have had with us through Season 1 and Season 2, so I have a question for y'all.

If you personally were in the zombie apocalypse, and you could choose 4 People to come with you and survive with/travel with/live with for possible years. Like, 20 + years. Who would you choose?

Me, I would choose:

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Lee = Because we are both history majors (and I want to be a professor who teaches History as well XD) And he has shown to be a genuinely good man. He cares for his group and IMO had the best chances of keeping a group together. He dealt with Kenny and Lilly and keep it all in check.

Clementine = Clementine is a good kid. She's just awesomely tough, and deserves to be with Lee. She gets an automatic spot.

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Luke = BECAUSE I LOVE HIM OKAY? All in all, Luke has to be my favorite character from the series. Nick was right, he does have the ability to just keep on moving no matter what happens. He lost everyone like most other people, and didn't let it change him into a bad person. Plus, when I found out he was an art History Major, my heart exploded from feels. Luke, you're simply the best.

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Kenny = Because. I can't say no to that face. :3 Kenny you're back on my team!


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Christa = Out of all the caretakers of Clem, people can't argue or deny that Christa was the best. She took care of Clem for the longest, seemed to teach her some of the most resourceful thangs, (like sewing an open wound) and while also having been pregnant. Christa may be harsh, but she cared about her group and wasn't afraid to call people out on their shit. Christa is a bad ass, plain and simple. :)

Honorable mentions:
I seriously love these characters, but I have my chosen 4 whom I would honestly want more than them....

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And Omid, Carley, and Nick. So many good guys, but you can only choose 4! :)

Have fun!

Oh Gawd, who am I kidding? I have to swap Christa and Kenny... I love Kenny too much. D:

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