S2E5 - "Updating Content" - Perpetually.

Hello everyone, I checked the forums and saw some PC/Steam users have been having this issue, but could not find much for PS3.

After beating TWDS2E5, I used the "rewind" feature to check a few different possibilities, and used up several slots to do so. After filling the fourth, and finishing my fourth playthrough, the game no longer seems to load properly. Whenever I go to "Play", it tells me it is "updated content" indefinitely, whether or not I am online (that is, signed in via PSN); neither restarting the game nor my PS3 has helped. The game is fully patched (1.05, I believe?), and I even tried to reinstall the game from scratch, installing every episode in order and then patching, but to no avail.

The option which lets me load different saves is also frozen, and will not allow me to change to any others when I access that menu.

Currently, I am trying yet another install. I hope there is a fix for this, or something I am missing, and that my saves are not ruined/the game is not broken.

Please let me know what can be done from my side, or if this is a known issue that you are working on from yours.

Since I went so far as to make an account to make this issue known, do allow me to say thank you for this episode; though I felt S2 was a bit up and down at points, the finale was not unsatisfying, so here is to a job well done.



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