• I think he still have the grudge of Clementine killing his sister which he was trying to revive but Kenny interrupted him. Kenny got angry at Clementine because she chopped off Sarita's arm.

    • It still doesn't make sense to me unless he was seriously disturbed. I mean, he warmed up to Mike and Mike was also partially responsible for the death of his sister and most of his people. Mike was actually shooting people, Clem wasn't. Same for Bonnie. And yet, after all that time I try to make amends with him, he chooses to shoot me and run away with the two people who were actually responsible for Natasha's death? Something just doesn't seem right.

      • I think everything went by so fast that he didn't know who was the one that shot his sister but he saw Clementine shoot her in the head. He also thought that she was still alive when they shot her. Maybe he saw a glimpse of his sister moving but is actually a walker that he didn't know.

  • I never trusted him. My instincts told me to shoot him on the spot after the dirty look he gave me after shooting his sister.

  • I don't think Arvo knew that his sister turned. So in the starting scene when Natasha turns, he probably thought she was conscious again and was crawling to try to get to safety, but then Clem shot her. He did only see what was happening from the corner of his eye. Here is a video of the Russian translations btw :) :


  • I wanted to have the option to kill him during/after the gun fight...

  • You can't blame him for his actions, he's only human.

    • Okay, so I'll just go attempt to murder someone and plead "not guilty" because I'm human. That makes sense.

      • Reminds me of when Kenny murdered Larry. Also, the bullet didn't kill Clementine.

        • Key words: "Attempt to murder" and Larry was already dead. Point invalid.

          • No he wasn't. That is false information.

            Larry was revivable. If you push on his chest enough times, he takes a breath. He doesn't take the breath if you don't push enouhg, yet the same time expends, so it's not zombification.

            It wasn't murder, it was killing. But Larry WAS revivable, and Kenny waiting a little would have saved Lilly a hell of a lot of emotional trauma.

            • Didn't get to that point, apparently. I always put the poor bastard out of his misery. Even so, Kenny's always been kind of a moron. I wasn't even defending Kenny. He's murdered a good few people. My anger is strictly towards Arvo for shooting Clem. When someone has a decent example of Clem doing something similar to make me feel less compassionate towards her, then the "you can't fault him for murder" argument will make more sense to me.

    • Why not? The guy was grieving sure, but you can't say that makes him blameless after his willingness to shoot an unarmed child.

      • He was an unarmed child, Kenny and Jane both bullied him from when he first appeared to when he last appeared and they both basically threatened to kill him.

        • So that justifies hurting the only person who was decent to you? And you can't blame Kenny and Jane for being assholes. They're only human, remember?

          • At least Jane was thinking, Kenny was probably the main reason Arvo shot Clementine and Kenny performing such violence upon Arvo is what lead Mike and determinantly Bonnie out of the group.

        • Arvo was guilty of leading them into an ambush from the start. Either way, Clem can refuse to rob him, try to defend him from Kenny, and attempt to hand over her gun while she's being robbed. Arvo still proceeds to shoot her with an assault rifle and leave her to die.

          My sympathy is limited.

          • You forget that Clementine always shows a liking towards Kenny, there is never really a time when we can accept who Kenny had become until the very end. Arvo shooting Clementine is quite similar to Lilly shooting Carley/Doug.

            • Arvo doesn't know much about Clem's relationship with Kenny outside of her decision to potentially defend Arvo from him.

              And Lilly's easier to analyze in my opinion. Her murder obviously wasn't justified, but we saw the clear progression of her grief and paranoia. When she shot someone out of mental instability, she believed that she was shooting a traitor. But depending on how you play, Arvo's reasoning was to shoot an eleven-year-old girl who didn't want to steal from him and was one of the only people to offer him sympathy.

              • The only reason Arvo really hated Clementine was because he never knew Natasha had turned, he though that she may have been revived and not become a Walker, it seems Kenny does a play a big role in how Arvo saw Clementine, for if Kenny hadn't stopped Arvo from trying to revive Natasha, he may have known that his sister was truly gone or he may have even been able to save her.

  • is there a way to not kill his dead sister?without dying of course

  • I feel so bad for him. His "Noooo!" with tears going down his face... omg ;__;

  • ARVO is pre-programmed idiot who will always hate you because that is the intent of the writers....
    You will be hated regardless.

  • I thought it was crap that he shot Clem too. It's obvious why he's sacred of and doesn't like Kenny, considering Kenny killed all the other Russians (probably Arvo's sister included) and the verbal and physical abuse. But why he'd also not like Clem wasn't shown well.

    But like LeeForeverret said, maybe Arvo thought Natasha was alive when Clem shot her. Maybe he doesn't know that when you die you turn into a zombie even if you're not bit, so didn't even consider she'd zombified. I think I could forgive him his hardheld dislike and shooting of Clem then, if he seriously thought Clem gunned down his wounded sister.

    I don't understand his motivations, but I still sympathize and like him and if given the chance in season three will continue to try to be nice to Arvo. Even with shooting Clem, the kid's still such a woobified character there's just no way I can hate him.

    • You're probably right.

      Oh, and Kenny doesn't kill all the Russians. He killed one, at most two. Jane killed Vitali.

      • True, Vitali probably would have died just from the stabbing. But since Kenny got the killing shot on Vitali... xD Clem certainly wasn't the only one to shoot Natasha. Though it obviously wasn't Mike or Bonnie who shot her or Arvo wouldn't have gone with them. According to the translation vid LeeForeverret posted Vitali accuses Kenny of killing Natasha so I think technically Kenny did shoot and kill all of them.

        Now that I think about it, Arvo doesn't like Jane either. He probably would have shot her or refused to go with Bonnie/Mike if they'd invited Jane along. Not sure why else they wouldn't have offered Jane a spot in their getaway group, considering she was just as against Kenny running the show and beating Arvo to death as the others. Mike and Bonnie's reasons for hurting Clem are just as unknown as Arvo's.

  • He didn't saw that Natasha turned so he thought Clem shot her just for the sake of it.

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