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Really? This Clem is not even close to the Clem is season 1. Yeah Yeah, I know that she witnessed a lot and she went through so much, but really? Clementine capable of murder without the need (Kenny). Kenny is not crazy! He wasn't hurting Clem and yet she just fucking shot him! Jane is the fucking physco if you think about it actually. She wanted to fight, and like Kenny said, "She could of just said AJ was alright". Anyways, back to my point, No matter how bad things get....would Clem really murder somebody without reason....murder her friend? The only person connected to her memories with Lee? How the fuck would Lee feel? I don't give fucks for #myclementine because there is no such thing as a Clem who is un-loyal and murders. Lee never taught her to do fact, he actually said that he didn't want her to get used to the fact that shooting is ok and he told her to do it when she absolutely had to...remember that guys? This is literally my only complaint about the episode. Having that option. Also, in 1x05, It hurt Clementine so much to have to kill Lee. A man who was already dying and bit, but she killed her friend who still had a chance and a will to live in 5 seconds! Kenny was trying to protect Clem too. He was just showing it in a different way than Lee. I like that because it makes the game more realistic, that not all guardians should be an angel like Lee. No hate goes to Clementine!

"'re not my dad, you're my friend." - Clementine to Kenny 2x05

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From this innocent little girl

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To this....killing her friend

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  • Well that's your opinion. My Lee never said anything to Clem about shooting people, so that kind of invalidates your point. I shot Kenny and if you ask why, I have no idea why I did. In the moment there was doubt and I went with my gut, now that I know the whole truth I feel like sh*t. So I left Jane and went off on my own. In truth I don't think anything would have stopped Kenny from killing Jane, once he saw red and threw that first punch I knew it was over. But now #MyClementine gets to carry around the guilt over her killing Kenny. I actually don't like the whole Jane vs Kenny, but I do think that telltale made it pretty good. Both characters were in the wrong and both took it too far, forcing Clem to make a decision which can be interpreted as wrong either way. No matter what you choose there is a fault in every ending in my opinion. Kenny didn't have to kill Jane, Jane didn't have to lie about AJ, but the alone ending just made my chest swell with pride over Clem and I am content with my choices.

    I don't think Clem would hurt anyone unless she had too. But she didn't have enough information to make the best choice truthfully.

  • He was about to kill someone who was fairly innocent, at least as far she knew.... it's not like she didn't do that before cough The Stranger cough

  • At the time, to Clem, a horrific accident caused Jane to lose AJ (walker grabbed her and she dropped him, etc.)

    Kenny was about to put a knife in Jane's chest over (what Clem thought at the time) a complete accident.

    Clem isn't the type of person to let an innocent person be killed.

  • Kenny was about to plunge a knife into Jane.

  • I didn't kill him, it was an accident"


    No explanation was gonna settle it. Shoot Kenny leave Jane. My Clementine ain't no baggage handler.

  • In season one Clem did the exact same thing to the stranger.

    I actually like Jane.

  • Lee could be played as a cold survivor in some ways. As in, you could say not to trust anyone and that killing is normal now. Also, you could threaten vernon's group and say the world is just as bad as it was before the apocalype and it will not go back to how it used to be. Lee can be kinda of a douche sometimes, just depends on how you played him.

  • @Colton ....I wonder why he was doing that..

  • For a reason! Lee was getting strangled for crying out loud!

  • I regret my choice of shooting Ken but you cannot tell me that he was not crazy as fuck, lol

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  • So? i dont see your point

  • Okay, Clementine did NOT murder anyone.

    Murder and killing someone are two completely
    different things.

    Clementine believed that Kenny was about to murder Jane over a complete accident. Kind of like with the stranger, correct? The stranger wasn't doing anything to Clem, but she shot him to save Lee. Just like she shoots Kenny to save Jane.

    Kenny had no reason to believe that Jane killed the baby. He was just going with his gut, and he completely SNAPPED.

    Jane wasn't trying to fight, she was trying to prove a point to Clem, which she succeeded. (or at least I understood afterwards)

    I'm currently very angry with Jane, however, for making Kenny snap just so she could prove a point, and for bringing Clem in that position.

    I went with her, though. But she still has a lot of making up to do.

  • Why was he doing it? because (he thought) she made a mistake?

  • And Jane was about to get a knife to the chest. And the option to shoot him afterwards isn't bad, because she was using self defense. Would you really trust a murderer to just not murder you?

  • I mentioned Lee put into danger and Clem reacting. You compared that to Jane under danger from Kenny and Clem determinantly reacting. That was his point.

  • It doesn't matter. When I let him kill Jane, I had no regrets when I found AJ

  • I dont think either of them should be considered murder.

  • But they bother were about to murder someone, right? Do you think what Kenny did wasn't murder?

  • But what if the baby was actually dead, would you regret it then?

  • People are really sensitive about this kind of opinion (which is really hypocritical, but whatever), so you're probably going to catch some heat. I'll be honest though, I completely agree with you.

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    I hate that they even give you a choice (to shoot him) after you let Kenny kill Jane like wtf? Give me one goddamn reason why you wanna shoot him? Kenny's haters is another story. but why even give us a choice to shoot him? like,um 2 seconds ago I just choose not to shoot him so

  • I think the choice to shoot Kenny is reasonable. At the time, all you knew about the fight was that Jane took off with the baby (so she didn't just abandon it), and then showed up at the lodge without it. Something weird was going on, but there was no reason to believe Jane killed the baby. She had an accident, or wasn't strong enough, whatever. Shit happens. Kenny absolutely snapped, and it mattered to me that Jane put away the knife first, and then Kenny tackled her.

    So when it came to a choice between saving Jane or letting Kenny kill her, I went with saving Jane. And the only way to do it was to shoot Kenny.

    The point being, Kenny resorted to violence, or the threat of violence, whenever things didn't go his way. I was already afraid that he'd get violent on the car, and at that point I was done with him. I can't be around someone I fear is going to beat the shit out of someone else over a disagreement. I was pissed at Jane about the baby, but I forgave her. It was a shitty thing to do, but she only precipitated the inevitable. It was Kenny that forced the life or death situation, so he's the one that gets the bullet.

  • Nah... Kenny has always been loyal to me and and I can't trust Jane's loyalty

  • Self defence? Kenny was on the ground exhausted and was not doing anything to Clem! She had no reason to shoot! If Jane didn't kill Kenny, Kenny would of killed Jane anyways and personally, I'm....


  • Clem didnt murder anyone. She killed Kenny to protect someone else. That's what she did with the stranger in season 1.

  • I am on Janes side but she could've stopped the fight by saying the baby was okay instead of poking his eyes out.

  • It's probably for people who didn't like Kenny or Jane.

  • Jane said "Stay out of it." so I did, I let Kenny take care of her. It's what she wanted after all.

  • I have to agree Clementine shooting Kenny in the head was so NOT Clemmy like...

  • What about shooting his hand or the knife out of his hand?

  • It wasnt like he was gonna get up and run to stab Clem....?

  • She's growing up, pacing as she should be in a ZA to stay alive, deal with it.

  • That's what I wanted to do, but realized that the option would probably be in the head, so I didn't.

  • Nope, I still saw the good in him and knew he was a good person with good intentions, people can go crazy when they hear their baby is dead.

  • No, just shoot it away from him so he couldn't stab Jane and neither would die right then.

  • I thought the "Look Away" option was to look away and shoot Kenny so I was scared and didn't know what to do.

  • Yeah but at that situation.Like you just choose not to shoot him and then you point the gun at him? Whether you like Kenny or not but why choose to shoot him? at that situation? I know he just killed Jane but why? I don't know how to put this i'm not good at english sry. It just stuck on my lips.

  • That would be me if someone says they killed my baby "by accident" and that persona was a lone wolf survivor who leaves everyone behind. Furthermore thats the moment when she has to say that AJ is alive, she wanted Kenny dead and Clem to do it.

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