My game went crazy!!

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Are you guys having problem with Bone? The game is acting extremely weird!!!

I just downloaded & purchased the game yesterday, so I'm sure it's the newest version.

Here are some screen captures:


Head is missing on the left monster, and there are 4 message icons!!!


Bone is stuck in the monster's stomach!!! :((


Bone suddenly teleported to the back of the monster on the right!! :(

Shit, all I did was click on the bush to the right and the game went crazy!!!

Could someone please try my save on their computer? See if the same thing happens? I saved right before I run into these 2 monsters, after I select "us bones are too fat...." the game start going nuts. :-/ :-/ :-/


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    I had the same problem. I think Telltale's looking into it.

    You can get past the bug if you keep trying (you will probably have to restart the scene once this glitch happens - at least I did, so save your game right before you go over to talk to the monsters). Be careful to only click the walk cursor close to Fone (the problem seems to be triggered by clicking far away from him). If you're still having trouble, you can click the ? icon to learn exactly what you have to do to solve the puzzle... the glitch made it hard for me to understand what I had to do. :(
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