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Diary of a Vault Hunter

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Day 1

Today seemed like a normal day on Planet Pandora... It's hot, it smells and I can hear the psycho's all the way from the mountain tops, reminds me of another planet.... Not to mention that giant H in the sky next to the moon... Probably another corporation, but I'm not worried. I'm here as a "Vault Hunter" and to explore this god forsaken plane..t, but where to start?

Before I arrived on this planet I was told that there would be other Vault Hunters too along with a uncomfortable number of bandits to go with it. Man I wish I got here earlier.. Anyway.

Hmm lets see.... I need better guns. These Tediore's won't work for me. Perhaps I should find some Torgue or some Dahl weapons so I can raise some hell. The closest weapon vendor is in a place called Sanctuary. That is where I'll head first.

I pack up my things and rev up my hover bike and prepare to leave, but suddenly I am attacked by this strange creature.. I think its's called a skag or something. Yeah that's it, a skag. They're native to Pandora but this one seems different that the one the bestiary is showing me. This one is white with pitch black trimmings, like some kind of zebra.

It didn't seem so aggressive either. I looked lonely. I wonder if I could befriend this skag... it's worth a shot.

I take out a piece of meat from my bag and toss it at the skag. It slowly approaches it and devours it whole.

It then looks at me and lets out a satisfying howl, so i feed it another...and another until it got closer.

I then leaned in to pet it and it didn't try to bite me or nothing, I think he likes me.

Looks like I already made a friend on this planet. Now It was time for me and my skag friend...(uhh I'll call him Tao because of his colors..) to head to this place called Sanctuary where our journey will begin.

Who knows what awaits us in these mysterious Borderlands of this strange planet... We'll find out sooner or later.

Kyle signing off...

Day 3

I must say, this strange skag I found the other day has been really helpful. Tao has killed far many bandits than me and I absolutely love it!

Alt text

With him on my side, we'll be able to make it to Sanctuary in no time. Nothing can stop us....except for these weird creatures burrowing under ground and shooting stuff at us. Thresher.. I think that's their name. Really fucking annoying things if you ask me.

After navigating through the highlands me and Tao manage to make it to a fast travel station... but all of sudden... this big ass thresher all flaming and stuff attack us.

Holy shit it was horrible, this thing was nearly raping us for a while. I'm glad I found this legendary shield or I would of been in some trouble..

(Or I could of found somewhere to camp and just go to work on him...)

But naw.., this thresher time was up. I pulled out my slag machine gun then finished it off.

Then Tao went over to it's corps and started eating it... and to be honest it wasn't as disturbing as when he was mating with another skag the other day..

After Tao was done with his meal, I picked up whatever loot the thresher dropped. Some cash, a rare pistol and some purple stuff. Eridium? I think that's what its called.

I noticed a fast travel station up ahead. That should take us to Sanctuary at last, but I am debating to finish exploring around here for it a bit.

Hmm, let's just get to Sanctuary first and visit uncle Marcus first.

Let's hope he is in a good mood to see his nephew and meet my new friend..

Kyle signing off

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