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What kind of graphic style do you think TTG will use for the GOT game?

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Do you think they'll use the cell-shaded cartoonish look of TWD and TWAU or a new system with 3D models?

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    dojo32161 Moderator

    Probably something like the Back To The Future Game or Jurassic Park, but it'll look a bit better.

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      Blind Sniper Moderator

      Don't hold me to this, but I think for Season 1 of Walking Dead onwards, the average budget for their games was raised up 40% more than the budget of their older games.

      Taking that into consideration alongside the fact that Telltale has more experience now than they did with Jurassic Park, Back to the Future, etc, I think Telltale's realistic looking titles will look better than they did in the past - even though Telltale still isn't a large studio.

  • I think it's gonna be more realistic looking. The reason TWD and TWAU was cell shaded was because they wanted to make in look like the comics they were based off.

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    Blind Sniper Moderator

    With typical Telltale titles, they try to make the game accurate to source material - not just in the story, but also in the presentation with graphic style, music choice, etc.

    With Walking Dead, Wolf Among Us, and Borderlands, those games have a cell shaded cartoon art style because it supports the source material (even Walking Dead, as the Telltale Games series is based off the comics and not the show). However, a cell-shaded cartoon art style would not be faithful to the tone or presentation of the Game of Thrones series so I doubt that will be the case. Back to the Future had a cartoon art style, but I think the tone of the movies was lighthearted enough to where the game could stand to have a cartoon art style.

    Of course, Telltale is still a moderately sized indie studio making episodic games on a quick schedule so I wouldn't expect triple A quality graphics you would expect from a large game company spending years on one game, but I wouldn't expect a cartoon art style either.

  • I would say that something like The Witcher 3 with a touch of "painting" style would be perfect.

    But TTG will never be capable to pull out such amount of 3d power. The fact is that cel-shading in TT games is just a trick to cover an old engine: if you remove the cel shading you are again back to Jurassic Park in terms of quality.

    So it's better that they stay far off something not stylized, or GoT will appear old and unactractive, probably poorly received expecially in comparison with all the AAA fantasy/medieval look-a-like games coming.

  • I think they'll stick with the comic style. It's their signature.

  • I've just seen the Silicon Studio realtime tech demo... It would have great to have this kind of graphics (or at least some of their post-procession effects they sell separately).

    This is a real-time 3d demo, keep your jaws on and wonder how magic could have been GoT with those graphics:

    • Well, a few days ago Kevin Bruner stated:

      "We like cheaper games, we think that content is poppy... you know there's some really great 60$ games out there, but we don't feel like that's what we're trying to make... we're not gonna make some giant huge AAA sixty dollar experience"

      Let's say goodbye to cool game engines... :\

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        Blind Sniper Moderator

        I think he meant that more in terms of the gameplay breadth, which makes sense for both old and new Telltale games. Even the older titles with puzzles obviously did not rival a typical AAA experience, be it with episodes combined or not.

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