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Chronicles of Orenna : The Crystal Blade

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*According to the rules, I should be allowed to post my game here :)*
[CENTER]Chronicles of Orenna - Crystal Blade
Story Quests[||||||||||||||||||||]
Profession Quests[////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////||||||||||]
Unlocking Quests[/|||||||]
Fields of Orenna[////|||]

Over 290 times Downloaded
To play you will need
Preview Demo: XP Version
Preview Demo: Vista Version
Music Folder

Monster Guide (Invalid)

Technical Stuff
GENRE : Action RPG
Program made with : Gamemaker 6.1
File size so far : About 10MB (Application : About 2.7Mb)
Demo : Preview Demo 4
Length of work : Half a year but 2 years practice
Resolution : 320*240 (Can be in Fullscreen F4)

March 09 - Started work on the Torso Armour

[Crawlers] | [Official Screenshot 1] | [Tower of Shadious] | [Sign Reading] | [Hallow Forests] | [Official Screenshot 2] | [Orenna Capital] | [Path to Orenna Capital] | [Dark Tomb] | [Hood] | [Cline Port] | [Dragonfang Volcano]

Concept Art
[Tetiro Aceus]

Background Story
Mythia. The home to many life forms such as humans, lavraps, contans and crens. Mythia is a universe in which magic and technology and at one. Religion and science are in harmony and never fight. Oh at least it was in the beginning. Thisus was the first god and created the realms and planets in Mythia oh which he filled with all the races known in Mythia today. But Thisus made a grave mistake. In the Realm of the Gods he felt the weight of responsibility on his shoulders and so created 15 smaller gods to aid him in running the universe. But after a while, the gods started arguing and eventually the gods started fighting. This fight was known as the War of the Gods. Although, 3 gods stayed with Thisus to help him run the universe as they knew that in the end, they're powers were needed most.

Gods that stayed
Thisus - First God
??? - God of Time (His name is a spoiler)
Shadious - God of Beasts
Feather - Goddess of Seasons
Light Gods
Matrol - God of the Sand and the Deserts
Kokom - God of Earth
Phesia - Goddess of the Forest
Firret - God of Fire
Liah - Goddess of Water
Anklo - God of Light
Dark Gods
Yikaris - God of Life and Darkness
Exlos - God of Death
Meca - God of Resources
Fauren - God of Thunder
Hillia - Goddess of Weather
Capressa - Goddess of Spirits

Beginning Story
Everyday, a young boy named Tetiro looks out of his window to watch knights in shining armour riding elegant horses go in and out of Colensa. Everyday he wishes he would become a hero. But he never can because his father insists he always stays home and get home tutored. His mother is not around anymore as she vanished a year after his birth. So he spent his life inside a house. But not anymore as he decided to go outside the house and find out what his father does...

Character Base
--Tetiro Aceus--:A young Water Cren from Colensa Town. At first try, he seemed to not look like the fighting type. But when he fights, he can fight!
--Serit Orit--:A young Earth Cren from the mountains. He because of an argument, he left the village in a bad mood and hasn't been seen from them since. Slightly older than Tetiro but not as wiser. Prefers to use his fists instead of weapons.
--Tearclan Havenstar--:Tetiro's old home tutor. He's a loyal friend of his father, Uritan Aceus. For some reason Tearclan has lived many years and hasn't aged over 40.
--Kekira Heartwright--:A female water cren Tetiro rescues from the Techno. After she's rescued, she goes off to become a guard at Orenna Capital. She now can use a sword-staff.
--Hood--:As soon as you turn lvl 20, a cloaked human starts appearing all over Orenna. 14 places in total. He sets you 70 long quests. Completing each one earns you a skill.

Known Bugs
The majority of these bugs have been solved in the fixed Demo which is coming soon.
-Some of the skills don't work.

Found a bug? Report it now!

Maps,Stealing,Making and even Mining
150 Quests,Painting Collection
170 Pieces of Equipment
14 Professions with 98 Skills in total
Flowing Rivers,Animals?,Time and Seasons

Want to support my Role Playing Game, you can now use the official support banner

King Tetiro - Creator
ForsakenAOL - Music Composer
Spaceoff - Level Designer
- Monster Designer
Jeod - Tester
RPGJunki - Concept Artist

Special Thanks
Kylink - Graphic Artist
Dizzi D - Suggestion

Slots Open
-Music Format Converter
-4 more Testers
-Sound Effects
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    If it was classed as spam, I would have reported it for deletion myself. I'm sure I haven't broken any rules.If I have, sorry...
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    Oh okay. I have sent an message to a Telltale Staff to ask if they can verify this to make sure.

    Anyway, hopefully people will enjoy my RPG.
    I would play it, but I'm on mac. Sorry. :(
  • Sorry to hear that. Im currently working on all quest NPCs so I can start filling the towns with people.
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