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Lazy Lee Flashback?

posted by MichaelGibney on - Viewed by 2.7K users

Anyone else feel that the flashback with Lee and Clementine was unnecessarily taking up game time and lazy writing on the part of the writing team?
I just didn't feel it was appropriate to waste a few minutes on a rehashed scene, especially in the very last episode of new season. Maybe on second episode or third, but definitely not the last. It went on and on. Very boring. That time could have been used better.

  • You know what was lazy?

    Clementine gets shot in her left shoulder.. still manages to sleep it off, and to top it all off, she carries the baby on the wounded hand and a bag of supplies on the other hand. AND CLEM COULDN'T CARRY THE WATER? Lol

  • It wasn't really rehashed tho, cause that wasn't an actual scene from season one. It was either a dream Clementine was having or it was something that happened off screen.

  • I wish it wasn't just a scene we already saw last season and a whole new thing where he looks older and she thinks he's alive, then he is kinda like the judge of her choices (like Stranger in s1). Then she feels guilty and he calms her/or its somewhat of a guilty nightmare or something. Thats how i always imagined it happening.

  • It was a dialogue scene we never saw and it plays an important role in the episode on what Lee tells her, that not everything will have the right answers, besides WE were playing it from Clem's point of view, so I don't think that's lazy.

  • If by lazy you mean emotionally devastating, hauntingly bittersweet, and subtly profound with regards to plot, then I agree.

    • Lazy doesn't mean any of those things. What dictionary do you have?
      (Cool Elliott Smith pic btw)

      • Thank you very much bud! Talented, gifted man, he was. Heatmiser is my favorite band of all time.

        Anyway, what I meant was that I liked the flashback, and I thought it was a great addition to the episode. Though I'll readily admit that it caught me the fuck off guard when it started. In my head I was thinking "Oh shit, is Clem dead? Or was Season 2 just a dream? Holy shit.. is that LEE?"

        And when I heard Dave Fennoy's voice I got a lump in my throat the size of an eggplant.

  • No, I think it was rather appropriate. It serves as preparation for the Jane/Kenny choice but also reflects a bit on Lee as a neutral(playable) character and that "the right thing" is not a factual term but depends on the players(or Clementine's) own morale and perspective.

  • No, I dont think that at all. I think it was doing two things: making a specific point about Clem's circumstances, and giving us loyal fans a last beautiful look at our beloved Lee. I mean, if you thought it was taking up game time, what would you had there in it's place?

  • If you told me before the episode there would be a dream sequences with Lee, I would have thought it would be really dumb and badly written.
    But I think it was done perfectly, didn't feel lazy at all.

  • I know it was to take up some time, but it was a very important part. Did it make you cry and that is the reason you did not like it or??

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