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Luke could have made it into season 3

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So i was thinking about this and realized that TellTale easily could have written Luke into season 3. Here's How I would propose doing so:
Luke falls through the ice, bonnie drowns trying to save him but Luke survives. Luke would be incapacitated for the night whilst recovering, then all the shit breaks loose, by the time Luke stirs awake, Mike and Arvo have ran and Kenny is telling Luke they need to leave. NOW. Luke and kenny later get out the car together to look for diesel, end up at the rest stop, Luke is resting with his back to the wall, (hes very weak) with his leg outstretched to take pressure off the wound. W hen the fight breaks loose, Jane and Kenny cause a shelf to be knocked out of place, falling and knocking luke unconscious, the fight then takes place with Clementines choice being made, just as Kenny stabs jane or Clem kills Kenny Luke staggers out of the door exclaiming "wait...stop....." then our choice takes place..
Would have been perfect to have 1 non-determinant character follow with clementine into season 3.

  • Lee could have made it into Season 3 if not for one moment where he let his guard down.

    I don't really see your point here.

    • well, i'm sure if you thought about it there is a point to it. Lee could've made it into season 3, but it wouldnt have worked well. Luke could have made it into season 3 and it would have worked perfectly, Lukes death was ridiculous and straight up frustrating and the fact that Clem either end up on her own or with determinant character sucks ass. I would have liked to see 1 character with her no matter what happens, Luke and Clem had a sibling like relationship and I would have loved to have seen more of the scenes like them at the bridge together taking down zombies, and when Clem pwns carlos and Luke laughs. I just really liked Luke, maybe because I have a brother myself and I'd like to see that sibling relationship go into season 3, of course theirs AJ but I did really think there was a space for Luke in season 3 if telltale was bothered to include him. Now Clem most likely ends up at Wellington alone or with a determinant character, meaning a whole new cast of characters will need to be re-introduced. Luke could have been a more permanent character spanning over 3+ seasons, in my opinion that's what the game needs, not introduce 10 people every season and have them whittled down to Clementine again. Its gonna get tedious and already has. Not only do we need a permanent relationship where the may even out-live the apocalypse, we also need a strong, small group of survivors, it needs to be a tad more like the walking dead show (first few season) where you know they can handle themselves well and more likely than not arent going to die. I want to see a maximum of 2 deaths in season 3 to be honest. Things have got to stop being so hollywood, and telltale need to realise they have to make use of characters like luke and at this point in the apocalypse EVERYONE should be born and bred survivors like Clem, all the Ben's of the world are long gone.

    • Tbh, the only 2 people i want Clem to be with are Lee & Luke...but unfortunately it isn't happening... :[

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    ErenCoral BANNED

    But he had to die, it just doesn't feel right if he stays alive.

  • Sad Fact: There was audio of Luke getting out of the water, but TellTale decided that Luke would die no matter what.

  • I think he had to die, if he stuck around he probably would have kept the group together which TT decided wouldn't happen so...

  • I said it before till i see walkerluke or he dies in my arms I have hes out there

  • I was pissed at how he died and he seemed to be simply forgotten after it. I would love to think they will do a Kenny with him fingers crossed. But I think we may be hoping for too much. :/

  • Yeah! And also Larry, Omid, Pete, Lee, Carley, Doug, Duck, Rebecca, Alvin, Nick, Sarah, Carlos, Sarita, Matthew, Walt, Carver, Troy, insert more dead people here.

    Theyll all be in season three!

  • **It's all Bonnie's fault. **
    Moving on though, I think everyone would of liked Luke to stay alive but if you think about it (as some people before me said) the story line would have been a lot more different. Bonnie probably wouldn't have gone off, Clementine may have never been shot, and Kenny and Jane would have never fought, but that's not how TT wants it to be, they want a dramatic ending to keep people interested. Honestly, as much as it sucks, TT had to kill Luke to make the story become (more) intense.

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