if it was Jane trying to stab Kenny in that final hold...would you shoot her?

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I WOULD HAVE SHOT HER...**I don't hate Jane at all, but it was the only way to stop her. **



  • I would have shot her

  • Yep..some people felt that jane was the victim and shot kenny.Great job telltale(no sarcasm)

  • Yes. For me it has to do with their characters, not their actions. I never liked Jane.

  • Yep. I will never let Kenny die.

  • I shot Kenny and I would shoot Jane if she was the one trying to kill Kenny. It was a matter of principle for me.

  • I would have shot her when Kenny was about to stab her. Take the murder of her off his conciousness.

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    Yes.. I like Kenny and Jane. That was a hard call but Kenny was the one who started the fight. If the roles were reversed I would've shot Jane no question. Because I didn't pick based on who I liked more. I picked it based on what I was comfortable with Clem doing and watching murder happen and I could've done something about it..... My Clem could never live with herself.

  • Yup, either way I would let Jane die.

  • That would be one more reason for saving Kenny

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    Depends. I HATE blind loyalty. If she's the one who started it and she's starting to lose her temper and becoming more like Kenny, I'd shot her. If Kenny was the one who pissed her off and tried to kill her, I wouldn't. But I don't think Jane will ever be like Kenny.

  • Yep. I didn't shoot Kenny, though. I simply like Kenny more than Jane.

  • I...I.....Fuuuuuuuuu...........This is a hard one.

    I don't think I'd shoot her.

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  • Good question. I think I would have shoot her xP

  • Yeah. That whole fight I stopped whoever was winning, Kenny just happened to be the one I had to stop last. I wouldn't let either of them kill the other if I could prevent it.

  • I thought Telltale played that scene really damn well. BOTH characters have behaved in questionable ways, so the player is left to decide who should be spared. (Or, if neither are worthy, you can just walk away.)

  • Yes, and it has nothing to do with who i liked more.

  • This would be incredibly hard for me because the one thing that held weight in my decision was the fate of AJ. I find it hard to believe that a lot of people honestly believed that Jane lost/killed AJ when she obviously tips Clem off before the final fight. Having Jane die means possibly losing AJ for good if you read into what Jane was actually doing. It was an incredibly smart play by her to suit her interests but stupid at the same time. I think in the end I I'd probably just shoot her because there's no way I could let her kill Kenny.

    If TTG really wanted to get some people to question thier decision in the aftermath, they should've put in an ending where having Jane die leads to not finding AJ.

  • Yes, if he was unarmed and she was trying to stab him, I would. Because it's about trying to stop a murder for me.

  • lol I would've drawn on Jane the second she pulled her knife to get her to drop it and explain her bullshit.

    I would've shot her dead the second she started gouging Kenny's face if I had the option.

    Of course I'd shoot her if she were trying to stab Kenny.

  • Yes, I would.

  • Exactly. I'm not a Kenny fan and I'm neutral to Jane but it was never about who I wanted to save more. (If that was the case I would have left with Luke/Bonnie & Mike.) It was a matter of "Kenny's going to kill Jane if I don't do something to stop it" and likewise if it had been the other way round it would have been a case of "Jane's going to kill Kenny if I don't do something"..

  • Hm depends on who starts the fight and who tried to kill who first. If Kenny was the one who tried to kill her first then I'd let her kill him.

  • I shot Kenny and hated doing it because I felt MY Clem would have a better chance to survive with Jane so regardless of who held the knife my reason remains the same.

    As much as I've liked and helped Kenny through the season's I've seen his decline and figured it would be a matter of time before he got himself or he and Clem killed.

    At first I hated Jane when i realized she lied just to plot the fight with Kenny, She tried to explain herself and justify her actions but I already was convinced I would leave Kenny for Jane so that wasnt really the issue for me.

    It was because she has the skills to manipulate people (Troy was easy) and that with combat skills makes her valuable to Clem.

    When S1E1 came out and Kenny said "Boat" that was my Lee's goal.
    Even if at the end I would have to take the boat for just Lee and Clem. It was about having people to watch your back and use to your advantage if/when needed.

    Kenny was too volitile, Jane is smart and will be of better use for My Clem.

  • Absolutely. I shot Kenny because he was ready to murder Jane. If the tables were turned, i'd shoot Jane without a second thought either. Just like when Lily shot Carley. Of course I was mad, but I wouldn't have killed her in turn. I left her on the side of the road to fend for herself, just like Kenny & Clem could've left Jane to fend for herself for what she did. One murder doesn't justify another.

  • Without hesitation. I let her die because she was setting Kenny up. That doesn't change wither way.

  • Yup. I wouldn't have let her kill the last person that I actually cared about. Next to the defenseless baby AJ

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    To OP, the entire magazine.

    One or two in the shoulder so I can ask wtf she did with AJ, then the rest for being stupid.

  • Agreed 100%. This is exactly how I feel.


    Alt text

    The choice should have been [Shoot Kenny] or [Shoot Jane] to make it more even.

    The final hold was so catered to Jane to make her appear to be the 'victim' when one second ago she was slicing Kenny's guts open and saying she'll "put him out of his misery," and who provoked Kenny to get a fight in the first place.

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