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Wallace & Gromit in Vista 64-bit? Sam & Max Season 3?

posted by Ratsneve on - last edited - Viewed by 597 users
I'm ready to give Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures a try but I noticed that Vista 64-bit is unsupported. I am running Vista Ultimate 64-bit and since I know first-hand what a mess I can get into I'll have to hold off giving W&G a try until I learn with some certainty the likely hood of the games running in any case and/or successful work-arounds such as running it in compatibility mode (Windows XP emulation)?

PS: Will there be a third season of Sam & Max and if so...this season?
PPS: I'm open to beta-testing 64-bit help on this if you'd like help in resolving future 64-bit support?

Thank you.
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  • Oh dear...this is not good. No comments from anyone here and only two other posts since my original--sigh.
  • We have only heard from a small number of people who could not get it to work on Vista 64. For those people the Steam version seemed to work though. So it appears there is at least one version that you will be able to get working on your computer. As for Sam and Max when we have information we will post about it so that everyone will know.
  • I'm running Vista Home Premium 64 bit and downloaded the full game straight from Telltale. I was able to play from beginning to end with no issues whatsoever. Assuming your hardware is up to snuff and you don't have any glaring driver issues or anything similar you should be just fine. Or if you're in doubt you can always download the demo for free before buying it.
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