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Why do some of you want Clem's story to end so bad..

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I mean that used to be a minority opinion, but now it's almost becoming a majority opinion? Do you guys not enjoy playing as her anymore or??

  • Majority? I've never seen anyone say that they wanted Clem's story to end in a horrific way lol.

  • Because I got a good ending.

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    I just want to believe Clem and Kenny are out there, whereas if we play as Clem again Kenny is gonna get the determinant treatment :/

  • Since when has it become a majority opinion xD. I want it to end because I want to move on and it was the perfect ending. I'd rather her story end now happily and not go on and end horribly

  • Except for the going alone ending, the endings are happy and hopeful. For the story to continue, things have to go wrong.

    If we jump to a different character for the next Season, then we can keep on imagining that Clem, AJ and whoever went with her are still alive and have found some measure of peace. If we continue Clem's story, we're just going to be shown how the person we chose to go with dies and everything they had is lost again.

    Personally, I'd prefer if telltale decides to follow one ending, without tying in every other ending into it. Kind of how the Elder Scrolls games handle things. Every ending happened, but we just follow one of the possibilities going forward. Preferably the one where Clem left alone. I'd be fine if they decide to start with a new character, however.

  • I wouldn't mind either way but I feel like s2 was the perfect ending for her. I really want to have a new protagonist from the beginning of the apocolypse however, but like I said I wouldn't mind either way.

  • As already stated, the endings give enough closure. I also would want to remember Clementine as a child; that's part of her charm. If we were to see her grow up even more, I feel like that protective instinct a lot of players have would start to disappear.

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